The Most Economical Setting for Air Conditioning

Did you know that your air conditioner can raise your home’s energy consumption by approximately 50%? Are you aware that by making some significant or modest adjustments in and around your home, you can reduce the impact of the air conditioner?

Following The Methods Can Help You Save Money on Heating And Cooling in Your Home:

1. Maintain a clean filter

Dust and dirt particles can build up on your air conditioner’s filter, restricting airflow. Once a month, inspect and clean or change the air filters in the device. Cleanliness can reduce energy use by 5% to 15%.

Some thermostats feature reminder lights that change color when the filter needs to be replaced, which might help you remember to check it. Or it can lead to you looking for air conditioning replacement in Cumming

2. Keep the ducts and vents in good condition

Make that the air ducts in a central air conditioner are properly insulated, especially those that run through the attic or other non-air-conditioned areas. Once a year, you should have a professional inspection of your AC’s ducts for holes or leaks. For this purpose, you need to hire someone who provides air conditioning repair in Cumming.

Although duct tape can provide a temporary patch, holes and leaks will eventually need to be repaired by a professional. Shut the doors and close the vents in rooms in your house that you don’t often use, such as a guest bedroom, to save energy.

3. Heat sources must be reduced

Although natural light is pleasant, the sun’s rays can boost the temperature in your home during the summer months. To keep the outside heat out, close the blinds and drapes or use blackout curtains.

Heat-generating appliances like televisions and lamps should be kept away from the thermostat. Because of the heat they emit, your thermostat may believe it needs to work more to cool the space, resulting in increased energy consumption.

Cooking, baking, or using other appliances can boost the temperature inside, making your air conditioner work more, so avoid doing so during the hottest hours of the day.

4. Check for leaks in the household

Ensure water isn’t escaping through cracks in the walls, doors, or windows. Examine the seals surrounding these places to see if weather stripping or caulk is required. In the ideal world, you’d check for leaks before turning on the air conditioner at the start of summer.

5. Make strategic use of fans

Fans can also assist in cooling your home at a lower cost than an air conditioner. While a fan is unlikely to replace your air conditioner, it can be a useful supplement. Using only the fans on milder days might save you up to 60% on your energy expenditure. When possible, place them near or in windows to create cross-breezes.

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