Why Does Your Furnace Keep Tripping The Reset Button?

A reset button completely shuts down your furnace when a problem is detected to make sure no further or serious damage is done to your system. It is designed to ensure safety and protect your furnace from tripping the entire circuit. A reset button is essential for preventing serious or permanent damage to your furnace by immediately shutting down the system. It offers safety as well as aids in problem detection.

Don’t panic when the system goes off because the phenomenon is typical and your furnace needs to be reset occasionally even if it doesn’t happen to you as frequently or regularly. When that occurs, be sure to get in touch with the professionals to get your system inspected.

What Causes The Reset Button To Trip?

Your furnace button may be triggered by the following causes or scenarios:
Fuel Shortage

The switch on your furnace that resets Your furnace may trip if there is not enough fuel. If you have a gas or oil furnace, there’s a potential that it could run out of fuel or gas, which would eventually cause the reset button to trip and turn the furnace off.

If this is the case, you shouldn’t be too concerned because these shutdowns are just momentary and may be resolved as soon as your furnace is refilled. If you have hired experts to handle the situation, be sure to let them know about the gasoline scarcity and find a solution as quickly as you can. When you successfully refuel your furnace, you are ready to go and can get your furnace going once more.

Blocked Gas Valves
Gas valves that are jammed or blocked can also trip your furnace’s reset button. If the reset button is pressed, you might want to make sure that all the valves are open and not obstructed. These are odd but plausible scenarios in which your furnace’s reset button can trigger. Therefore, every time your reset button trips, make sure to check the valves.
Overheating Of Your Furnace
The reset button on your furnace trips when it overheats, turning it off. This incident could happen if your heater is overheated due to insufficient airflow. To guarantee proper airflow, make sure to check the air filters and the vents. Make it a routine to check the air filters and to take the appropriate action, such as cleaning or replacing them with a new set, as needed.
Faulty Flame Sensor
A defective flame sensor is one, albeit unusual, but also potential, the reason why your furnace reset button trips. The collection of dirt and debris could be the cause of the flame sensor rod malfunction, which would cause the furnace to shut down. Avoid letting dirt and debris build up on your flame sensor to keep it clean.
Dirty Air Filters
Dirty air filters are one of the frequent reasons for furnace failure or shutdown. For best results, make sure to check your air filters and think about replacing them every three months. A malfunction of your HVAC system’s air filters due to dirt and particle buildup is possible. There may be circumstances where you need to reset your furnace because it has switched off. Here is a tip that will help you restart your furnace after it shuts off, taking into account the many types of furnaces that are available.
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