What Should You Expect From Your Contractor When You Need An Air Conditioning Repair?

What Should You Expect From Your Contractor When You Need An Air Conditioning Repair?

When your air conditioner isn’t working properly if it’s not resolved by one of the top 5 AC troubleshooting tips online – its okay we know everyone looks at those before calling us! Chances are you need repair to get things back on track and when Google can’t help you out with your air conditioning repair in Alpharetta, GA. We can!

But when you call a technician to come out to assess and then hopefully fix the problem, how do you know your repair is being dealt with properly by a true professional? That’s the thing about the internet, it’s given all of us more insight into the technical side of things but when it comes to how a true professional should be able to demonstrate their knowledge to you to put you at ease and explain every step of the repair process to you many often fall short. Here at Staton, we’ve learned over the years the real value of customer service and we thought it’d be helpful to get many of the worries and FAQ’s about choosing and using a reputable local HVAC company.

Expect a Full Home Evaluation

A full home evaluation is not the same thing as an assessment or a “quick check”. A full evaluation should check your entire air system, the power supply in your home and your contractor should ask you questions about how your system has been functioning, what level of performance you feel you’ve been getting from it and if you’ve had to get repairs for the same problems they’ve identified that day. Your responses give more insight than you probably think as they signal if the problem is purely wearing and tear that’s naturally accumulated over the years or the indication of an overshadowing problem that might be costing you more in fuel and repairs but has been missed when other contractors have rushed to fix the most obvious fault. Getting an air conditioning repair in Alpharetta, GA should always mean a full repair and the evaluation should include the location of your unit and the air vents throughout your home as well.

What Should You Expect From Your Contractor When You Need An Air Conditioning Repair?

Expect Clear Estimates and Fair Pricing

Once your contractor has pinpointed the parts that need repair, you’re still under no obligation to hire them for the repair work itself. The whole point of a full evaluation is to get a diagnosis and a clear estimate of how much the repair will cost and with this information, you can then do further research or your contractor can address any queries you made have so you make a truly informed decision. All costs incurred should be clearly listed, when you need an air conditioning repair in Alpharetta, GA is sure to go with a company that has a full pricing guide complete with the top brands, you’ll be able to recognize these by the ENERGY STAR ratings and best buy awards. Only after you’re happy with the price should you read and sign a proposal. There’s no point getting a repair unless it’s going to be done properly, short-term solutions are always offered by less than professional contractors.

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