What is The Most Common Problem With Furnaces?

Many things can go wrong with furnaces, but the most common problems are probably due to lack of maintenance. If you don’t take care of your furnace, it won’t take care of you, to put it simply. Make sure to schedule an annual heating service to catch any potential problems in Duluth, GA before they turn into expensive repairs. Staton Heating & Air can help keep your furnace running all winter long. Call us at (770) 872-6381!

Here are some common furnace issues:

  • Air Filter Clogs: One of the more common issues with furnaces is a clogged air filter. A blocked filter reduces airflow through the system, leading to poor indoor air quality, allergies, and even cold spots in your house. It is essential to replace your air filter regularly.

  • Heating Cycles too Frequently: Furnaces should cycle on and off at regular intervals. If your furnace turns on and off in a short time duration, it could be a sign of an issue with the thermostat or other components in the unit.

  • Gas Leaks: You may notice a burning smell when you first turn on your furnace for the season. It is because layers of dust have accumulated in the system and are burning off as it heats up. The smell should last for an hour or so and then dissipate entirely. If the smell persists, however, it could be a sign of a gas leak. If that’s the case, you should shut it down and contact a furnace repair specialist in Duluth, GA.

  • Thermostat Issue: If your thermostat isn’t working, it won’t be able to regulate the temperature in your home accurately. You may need to replace a bad thermostat or other components in order to fix the problem.

  • Yellow Pilot Light: Generally, the pilot light should be blue. If it’s yellow, that means the flame is not burning hot enough and needs to be adjusted. In some cases, the yellow pilot light also signals the leaking of carbon monoxide in your home.

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker: The circuit breaker helps to protect your home from an electrical overload. If the circuit breaker trips and shuts off the furnace, it could be a sign of an issue with either the wiring or the blower motor.

  • Dirty Ductwork: Dirty ductwork can reduce the efficiency of your unit and cause it to overheat. You should have your ducts cleaned regularly by a professional to ensure they are not clogged with dust or debris.

When it comes to furnace problems, prevention is the key. Make sure you take advantage of our heating service in Duluth, GA, so that any issues can be detected early and fixed quickly before they become expensive repairs! Call Staton Heating & Air at (770) 872-6381 for all your furnace repair needs. We’ll make sure your heater keeps running this winter season and beyond!