What Happens When your Furnace Stops Working in the Winter?

Winters can be tough and the only thing that will get you going with the cold is your furnace. Furnaces really make winters bearable and comfortable. They keep your indoors warm and your body at a moderate temperature level. In extreme cold places, where the temperature can get below negative degree celsius, furnaces make it possible to fight off the cold and maintain preferable temperature indoors regardless of the extreme cold outside.

Sometimes it is possible that your furnace could break down and it may prevent your room from maintaining a cool and comfortable atmosphere. It can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time, trying to find out what must have gone wrong with your furnace. You have tried all the tricks from the books but nothing is helping.

Events of misfortune like these can take a toll on you. However, it is vital to have adequate knowledge to understand what can cause your furnace to break down. Having the required knowledge about your furnace can help you assist yourself in situations like these. This article highlights what to do when your furnace breaks down. 

Take note of any possible odors from your furnace

When your furnace breaks down, the first thing you must do is identify if there is any odor being released from your furnace. Furnaces are odorless. But it is also important to note that furnaces have chemical components for functionality.

The manufacturers add a sulphuric compound called mercaptan which has a pungent smell to help identify a leak. This ensures you from getting exposed to harmful chemical toxicants. If you notice that there is a leak then get rid of your house and evacuate immediately and contact the gas company or heating experts to solve the situation as soon as possible. 

Try Troubleshooting to Identify the Main Cause

In events where you don’t notice any leakage, then proceed with troubleshooting your furnace and checking all the settings available and possible causes for the failure. Here are the common causes you can check by yourself and identify the problem.

You may check if the fuse has blown or if the pilot light is running and working fine. Check the thermostat setting and ensure that it is not set too low. You can also check the circuit breaker for possible burnout or trip.

You can get lucky if the above-provided causes are the culprit of your furnace breakdown; however, if these are not the main reasons for your furnace failure, then the best option is to contact HVAC experts and not take matters into your own hands. 

Always Have a Backup

Your furnace breakdown can make the winter worse. Regardless of the cause of the failure of your furnace, it will still require more time to get it fixed. However, if you have already pre-planned it all and have a backup plan in terms of alternate heat sources, then the winter cold won’t be much of a problem.

Being prepared with heaters and other wood stoves is crucial and can help you stay warm and comfortable in the absence of your furnace or while it is being serviced and repaired. So have it all planned out and do what can help you get away with the situation.

Remember it is all about making the right decision and the right choices in situations like these. 

Keep the Pipes Warm and Water Running

In the worst-case scenario, the pipes that bring in water can get frozen in the absence of your furnace disabling your access to water. In order to avoid these types of situations, make sure you keep the water pipes warm to keep the flow of the water running. You may use alternate heat sources to execute this.

The situation is unusual since your furnace may get fixed before the temperature can get very low but it is best to stay prepared and expect all kinds of things to happen. 

Contact Reputable HVAC Contractors

No matter the criticality of the situation you are in, contacting a good HVAC contractor can make it easy for you. Your last hope of getting out of the situation is the choice of the company you decide to repair your furnace.

Reputable HVAC experts will ensure better results. Therefore, it is also important and necessary on your part to contact and call in the best HVAC specialists to handle your furnace.

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