Two Really Good Reasons Why You Need to Schedule a Maintenance Service for Your Heater Today

 heater maintenance service in Lawrenceville, GA

Everyone knows that most things around us need maintenance in one way or another. Our car needs a tune up on a regular basis. We go get a checkup with our doctor’s and we take our pets to the vet to keep them healthy. But in the midst of our busy lives, sometimes we forget to take care of our home.

So here are some really good reasons why we need to remember to schedule a maintenance service for our HVAC system. Remember that you can always rely on Staton Heating & Air Inc., the experts in heater maintenance service in Lawrenceville, GA.

It Will Keep Your Heater from Breaking

You can ask any HVAC expert, they all agree that most expensive heater repairs could have been prevented. That is, if they were detected on time.

Your heater has parts that suffer wear, that’s inevitable, but also it is very rare that something breaks overnight. Usually what happens is that a component starts to cause a problem, and over the course of several months it ends up breaking.

Certified HVAC technicians are trained to spot these types of problems and prevent them. Many times, the solution to an expensive repair could have been solved by an inexpensive routine maintenance procedure.

Some of the procedures they will cover are checking the flue piping, making sure the thermostat is working properly, checking safety circuits and switches, and air filters.

heater maintenance service in Lawrenceville, GA

It Keeps Your Monthly Energy Bill Under Control

Keeping your heater running at its highest efficiency is the best way to keep your energy bill from going through the roof. This is one of the best reasons why scheduling a yearly maintenance is a good idea when it comes to saving money on your utilities bill.

Your heater is only a part of your home’s HVAC system, for this reason a problem usually has several different causes. This makes it vital to look at the system as a whole. Leaky ducts, a poorly insulated roof, and dirty thermostats can all cause problems with your heater. If left unattended, these can lead to even more expensive repairs.

For example, your home’s ductwork can decrease the efficiency of your heater by up to 40% if it has leaks. This means you have to make your heater work harder and possibly take it out of its optimal operating range.

To Wrap It Up

We’re sure you will agree that these are pretty compelling reasons to schedule a maintenance call for your heater. And when you’re ready, you can count on Staton Heating & Air Inc to provide the best service at the best price for your HVAC needs. If your heater happens to break down, we also offer 24/7 support, so you don’t have to spend any more time without your heater. Call us at (770) 667-3992 to schedule an appointment with the experts in heater maintenance service in Lawrenceville, GA.