Trane HVAC System Price & Buying Guide For 2021

Trane has carved a niche for itself when it comes to home HVAC systems. The best thing about these products is that they are innovative, well-built, are of high quality, and most importantly, energy-efficient. As per surveys and consumer reports, Trane HVAC and AC systems are the most preferred by consumers. The company works incessantly on improving its products so that consumers can get the best comfort levels from the systems. Apart from the products, the service of the company is excellent. Whenever you look for a Trane HVAC technician near me, you are sure to find the best man at your service.

Pricing of Air Conditioning Units by Trane in 2021

There are different factors on which the prices of Trane air conditioning units depend. Some of the most common factors include the model types (depending on the series), the weightage of the unit, the efficiency rating of the device as well as the location of the Trane dealer. In this article, we will cover some of the factors, and the pricing associated with the same.

Price As Per the Size of the Unit

The size of the unit and the cooling area correspond to one another. And these are seen in most common home installations. The cooling area is just an estimate to understand what tonnage of the air conditioning machine will be suitable for cooling the place. If you are still in two minds, contact a Trane dealer who will come to your home, measure the cooling area, and then suggest the exact tonnage of the AC unit which will be suitable for the place.

Unit Size Cooling Area Cost of Unit only Installed Cost
1.5 tons 600 – 1000 sq.ft. $1,695 $3,345
2 tons 1000 – 1300 sq. ft. $1,795 $3,399
2.5 tons 1300 – 1600 sq. ft. $1,850 $3,575
3 tons 1600 – 1900 sq. ft. $1,975 $3,798
3.5 tons 1900 – 2200 sq. ft. $2,220 $4,275
4 tons 2200 – 2600 sq. ft. $2,345 $4,455
5 tons 2600 – 3200 sq. ft. $2,810 $5,510


Trane Gas Furnace Prices

Trane S8B1 $1,800-3,000 80% AFUE
Trane S8X1 $2,000-3,400 80% AFUE
Trane XV80 $2,500-4,000 80% AFUE
Trane S9X2 $3,200-5,200 96% AFUE
Trane S9V2 $3,500-6,000 96% AFUE
Trane S9V2-VS $4,000-6,500 97% AFUE
Trane XC95m $4,500-7,500 97.3% AFUE


Trane Heat Pump Price

Trane XR14 $4,000-5,600 14 SEER/8.2 HSPF
Trane XR15 $4,000-6,000 16 SEER/9.5 HSPF
Trane XL16i $5,600-8,000 17 SEER/9.6 HSPF
Trane XR16 $5,800-7,800 17 SEER/9.6 HSPF
Trane XR17 $5,600-7,600 17.25 SEER/9.6 HSPF
Trane XL18i $6,800-9,600 18 SEER/9.5 HSPF
Trane XV18 $9,000-12,500 18 SEER/10 HSPF
Trane XV19 $9,500-13,000 19.5 SEER/12 HSPF
Trane XV20 $10,000-14,000 20 SEER/10 HSPF


Trane Central Air Conditioner Price

Trane XR14 $3,400-5,400 16 SEER
Trane XR16 $4,000-6,400 17 SEER
Trane XL16i $4,400-6,800 16.5 SEER
Trane XR17 $4,800-7,600 18 SEER
Trane XL18i $5,500-9,000 18 SEER
Trane XV18 $7,000-11,000 18 SEER
Trane XV20i $8,000-13,000 22 SEER


There are times when Trane offers interesting rebates and discounts on their various products, including air conditioning systems and HVAC systems. You can save good amounts of money with these discounts and rebates.

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