Top 5 Reasons Why Your Trane Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

During the cold winter months, the last thing you want to experience is furnace problems. However, life doesn’t always go according to plan, and our devices don’t always work the way you expect.

Several issues can result in your Trane furnace blowing out cold air. Usually, it is best to have a Trane HVAC technician near me for inspection.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Blows Out Cold Air


1. It may not have warmed up yet

Your Trane furnace is likely to be put off for a while. It means that it may take some time to start up. If your furnace blows cold air for a few minutes after turning it on, there is no need to worry about anything. Your Trane furnace has just not been warmed up yet. It is normal. However, if cold air is blowing for a longer time, there may be some issues in your furnace.

2. Thermostat settings

It is not uncommon to notice that your Trane furnace blows cold air sometimes and hot at other times. Usually, this problem is due to the wrong thermostat fan setting.

  • When the thermostat is “ON”, the fan motor runs continuously even when the furnace is not running.
  • Cool air is blowing through the vents when the furnace is “OFF” and not giving off heat.
  • When the furnace is “ON”, the fan motor circulates hot air to heat your home.


3. The water around the Trane furnace

If you have a high-efficiency Trane furnace, it will produce steam. Condensation usually leaves the house through the condensate drain line. However, if there is a blockage, the condensation will shut off, and the overflow switch will operate and shut down the heater to avoid damage. Water on the floor around the furnace is a clear sign of this problem.

4. Dirty flame sensor

Do you perform biannual maintenance on your furnace? Scheduling biannual maintenance by a professional Trane HVAC service near me is essential if you want your system to run efficiently.

Neglecting maintenance can lead to many problems, including your Trane furnace blowing cold air. A dirty flame sensor can result in your system blowing out cold air. If this problem is tricky for you to solve alone, call a Trane HVAC technician near me for help.

5. The furnace overheated

All heaters have safety features that turn off the burner if your system starts to overheat. If you feel cold air coming out of the air vent, this could be the cause. When the burner is “OFF”, the fan continues to blow for cooling off your system.

This problem is usually due to a clogged air filter. When the filter is clogged, air cannot pass, and your system will take longer to try to heat your home. If you suspect it is your furnace, try cleaning or replacing the filter.

If your Trane furnace is blowing out cold air and the troubleshooting did not fix the problem, it is time to call Staton Heating and Air Conditioning for help. Call us, to schedule a furnace repair today.