Relocating The Air Conditioner or Getting a New One – How Many Hours To Wait?

As a new air conditioner owner, it’s natural to be eager to get started with it. It’s a temptation, however, that you must resist in certain situations. Some air conditioning units are designed to be installed and used immediately after being purchased and received. Others may ask that you wait a while before using the unit. You’ll need to consult the unit’s manual to find out.

Reasons Why An AC Needs To Settle Before it Can Be Used

The compressor in your AC is responsible for compressing the vapor of the refrigerant. The entire AC will be rendered inoperable without the compressor. If the compressor’s smaller parts are not adequately lubricated, they may not work. As a result, ACs are often recommended for settling.

Ideally, the compressor’s oil should be within easy reach. Unfortunately, while the unit was being transported, the oil could leak out of place. A common cause is improper positioning of the ACs during transport.

Rather than settling inside the compressor case, the oil may settle out at the bottom of the compressor unit. By correctly positioning the AC, you can allow the oil to return to the compressor case. Listen to the specialists like HVAC Repair Suwanee, and let your AC settle first.

If an AC is Not Allowed To Settle Before Being Used, What Could Happen?

It’s always a good idea to follow the instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer. Despite this, mistakes do still occur. Before turning on the air conditioner, you may have forgotten to check the manual for instructions. A family member may have turned it on before you could warn them.

Assuming that scenario, what can you expect to happen? Nothing major is likely to happen right away. Perhaps even the AC will turn on as usual. If you continue to run the AC even though it hasn’t settled, you run the risk of encountering problems.

The compressor is more susceptible to damage the longer the unit runs. If you know that it hasn’t been allowed to settle long enough, it’s best to turn it off immediately, as damaged compressors are also difficult to replace because of their size and shape. The entire unit may need to be replaced if the compressor is severely damaged.

Haven’t You Used Your AC in Months? Let it Settle First.

New ACs have been the focus of our attention so far. What about the older, inactive units? Do they require settling too? The answer is YES.

Several factors go into determining the answer here. To begin with, you’ll want to determine whether or not the AC was stored during its inactive period. The air conditioner could have been lying on its side for a long time while in storage. If that’s the case, the lubricant is probably no longer where it belongs.

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