On What Temperature Should You Not Run The Air Conditioner?

During the winter, you may wish to use your air conditioner in certain situations. For example, if you intend to sell your home, you may wish to test the unit or look for air conditioning repair in Cumming.

You may have been told that operating the air conditioner in cold weather is a bad idea, but is this real, or is it just another home maintenance myth?

Will It Be Harmed If I Run The Air Conditioner In The Cold Weather?

True, operating air conditioners in the winter is not a good idea. Air conditioners with condensing units are not meant to be used in the winter. Oil is used to lubricate the compressor in the units, and the oil is a heavy grade that performs best in hot weather. When the weather turns colder, the oil thickens and fails to lubricate the compressor adequately.

Lighter grade oil would be used in AC compressors in the winter, but you’d have the reverse problem. The oil would heat up to the point where it didn’t offer enough lubrication in the summer, putting the compressor at risk of damage.

Because most individuals prefer not to cool their houses when it is already cold outside, HVAC manufacturers should utilise summer-weight lubricants. Another problem with utilising air conditioners in the winter is that if moisture forms on the cooling coil, it can freeze and cause damage to the device.

What Is The Coldest Temperature That Air Conditioners Can Handle?

Air conditioners are built on the belief that they will never be used below a specific outdoor temperature, called the “design” temperature. The minimum temperature may vary by model, but it is usually 58 to 60 degrees. This can help you save money on your air conditioning replacement in Cumming.

To cool the house, the air conditioner changes the refrigerant’s qualities from gas to liquid. The refrigerant reacts differently when external temperatures fall below the intended temperature. The air conditioner may continue to run, but the system will be put under additional strain. The indoor coil and the refrigerant lines may become frozen as a result of this.

All of this puts the compressor, which is the most expensive component to replace, under additional strain to perform its role. If the compressor is continuously operated in low ambient circumstances without the necessary components to avoid such failure, it will eventually fail.

When the temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, most HVAC manufacturers advise consumers not to run their units for long periods. If you need to test your unit, make sure it has been above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for at least three days before doing so.

This will allow the oil to warm up and prevent ice from forming on the condenser. Testing, maintaining, or repairing your machine later in the spring decreases the chance of possibly costly damage.

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