Is It Possible To Use an Air Conditioner Sideways?

A portable air conditioner should not be tilted, inclined, or positioned on its side or back during operation, as sideways use of an air conditioner will cause damage. As a result of oil depletion and the inability to retain condensate, the compressor could permanently fail.

Air conditioners are only designed to be used in an upright position. If it is operated in any other position, such as on its side, back, or angle, its internal fixtures may be damaged and subjected to the highest levels of mechanical fatigue. If you have any problem, HVAC experts like air conditioning repair in Cumming can be of help.

Effects of Using AC Sideways

Any air conditioner that uses a vapor compression cycle must have a compressor. When you lay your portable air conditioner on its side or tilt it at an angle, certain parts of the compressor are deprived of lubrication oil. This causes the compressor’s components to collide, resulting in wear and tear. Eventually, your compressor will be permanently damaged and rendered inoperable as a result of the damage.

Air conditioners can not be tilted to one side even when they are not in use, as it affects the compressor’s mounting, which we all know is the most expensive part of the air conditioner to replace or repair. Condensate water will flow downward if your portable AC is not upright.

There are two types of portable AC in the market: partially and completely evaporative. Moisture is automatically removed through the exhaust hose in both of these units. This aspect of your portable air conditioner will also be compromised if placed on its side or back.

It is possible to winterize your portable air conditioner by removing it from the living area, but it is unnecessary. When winterizing portable air conditioners, it is recommended that they be stored upright. Some compressor zones would be depleted of oil if the portable air conditioner was stored on its side. A lack of lubrication would cause the compressor to be damaged if it were to be used immediately.

No matter how you store your portable air conditioner, significant damage will not be done until you turn it on. Just leave it in its default upright position for a sufficient amount of time without turning it on. In the compressor, this will cause oil to be reclaimed and redistributed. Then, you can turn it on and start using it.

Can you transport a portable air conditioner by laying it on its side?

Keep your portable air conditioner in its default vertical position when transporting it in a vehicle such as a truck. Otherwise, it could suffer from a lack of compressor oil, and starting it in this state could cause damage to the unit. If you want air conditioning replacement in Cumming, we can provide the most reliable and cost-effective AC repair services. Make an appointment with us today!