Is It Important To Replace Your AC Filter?

Is It Important To Replace Your AC Filter?

Maintaining your air conditioner plays a major role in your system’s lifespan and efficiency. Unfortunately, like every appliance, ACs are bound to fail or break down eventually. If your AC is older than 10-15 years, then it is unlikely that a repair might fix the damage. Don’t waste your time and money aimlessly; schedule an air conditioner replacement Milton GA right away.

Many homeowners forget or ignore to replace a very important part of the air conditioner, the filter. Somebody might wonder how critical a filter replacement can be.

After all, at first glance, it doesn’t exactly look crucial. However, the air conditioner is a rather complicated piece of machinery. Changing the filter is the deal-breaker between an optimal and efficient unit and a unit that is just causing skyrocketing utility bills.

At Staton Heating & Air Inc we believe that you should be fully informed about what happens if you neglect to replace your AC filter. We put your comfort and safety first and we are always willing to give you advice on what could be more beneficial for you. We honor honesty and that is why we have repeat customers that trust us.

Why Should You Replace Your Filter?

In essence, choosing to use the same filter for an extended period of time can lead to costly repairs, inefficiency, poor indoor air quality, and, of course, larger utility bills. In the market, you can find endless good quality and low price filters.

It’s important to keep in mind that ACs are huge investments. Would you prefer causing harm to your system rather than changing the filter every once in a while?

Decreased Air Movement

A dirty filter is capable of rendering your air conditioner powerless. This happens because clogged filters restrict the amount of room air that goes into the air handler. As a result, the air being cooled is diminished and in turn, the unit might get over-pressurized.

Increased Pressure

An over-pressurized system is definitely not good news. It can cause damages ranging from refrigerant leaks to really expensive breakdowns. Unless you are not up for a complete air conditioner replacement Milton GA, the team of Staton Heating & Air Inc suggests that you replace that dirty filter as soon as possible.

Freeze Up

As if the above problems are not enough, here is another reason why filter replacement is important. Since a dirty filter hinders the cooling of the air, the AC will work harder and longer to reach the perfect temperature. However, minimal airflow will never allow for this to happen, possibly causing your system to freeze up.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your summer worrying about whether your air conditioner holds strong, check your filter and make any necessary replacements.

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