How To Stop The Air Conditioner From Freezing Up?

Worried about your air conditioner freezing up? To check whether your air conditioner is icing up, just place your hand over a supply register. If you sense minimal airflow, your air conditioner might be frozen. Since you won’t be able to see the ice, this is the best method to check the frozen state of your air conditioner. Call professional help if required. Staton Heating and Air Inc. offer some of the best AC repairs in Duluth.

Some preventive measures to be taken to stop your air conditioner from freezing up are listed below –

Steps To Follow if Your Air Conditioner Freezes

  • Shut off the A/C as the ice can cause damage to the compressor.
  • Check the condensate drain for any blockages and let the ice melt.
  • Open the ductwork and remove the water through suction with a wet-dry shop vac.
  • You can use a blow dryer near the evaporator coil to speed up the melting process of the ice. You can also turn on the A/C fan without running the compressor to melt the ice faster.
  • If you have a window air conditioner, slightly tilt the AC unit backward and allow the draining of melted ice to the exterior. Clear the unit’s condensate drain hole for water to filter out.
  • After the ice is melted completely and the unblocked drain pan is empty, turn on the air conditioner unit. It should start a cooling system just like before.

Factors Causing AC Unit To Freeze

Let us learn the reasons that cause the air conditioners to freeze. Here are the most probable issues –

1. Low refrigerant levels – Drop-in refrigerant levels can make the evaporator coil too cold. Whether it’s refrigerant leakage or incorrect refrigerant refill during installation, call an HVAC professional to check the refrigerant level of your AC system. The level must be according to the manufacturer’s directions.

2.Dirty air filter – If you face any issue with low airflow, you first need to check your air filter. Dirty air filters also cause working stress on the compressor and other A/C components. Less airflow to the evaporator coil is one of the reasons for AC units to freeze. Clean the air filter monthly to ensure proper airflow.

3.Insufficient fan speed – Proper functioning of the fan is important to ensure the proper amount of air blowing over the evaporator coil. The fan must blow enough fast air. A technician can increase the fan speed to prevent the AC unit from freezing.

4.Thermostat settings – Pay attention to the thermostat settings. Your air conditioner might work all night even if it’s not required. This results in increased workload and wastage of money and energy. Improper thermostat settings can cause the air conditioner to freeze.

5.Improper position of window air conditioner – Window AC must be tilted slightly towards the indoor portion with slightly higher than the outdoor half. If the position of the AC is incorrect the water doesn’t exit the drain hole and it sticks around inside the unit where it can freeze. Hence an improper tilt is another reason that causes an air conditioner to freeze.

Always choose a trusted company for your AC unit. Staton Heating and Air Inc. is a renowned AC contractor in Duluth with skilled technicians for AC services and AC replacement in Duluth. Contact us today to know more.