How Often Does A Heater Need To Be Serviced?

With the change in the season, homeowners must be wondering how often they should service their heating units. However, many HVAC manufacturers suggest homeowners service their HVAC units annually.

But given the fact of the different functions of your unit, you should specifically do service accordingly both for your heating and your cooling unit. Perhaps, it is highly suggested to perform service on cooling units during spring and perform service on heating units during the fall since by winter the unit will be heavily used and hence requires good service.

What do the experts do?

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Here is what a good HVAC service expert will service or have a look at during the time of service:

  1. Heating mode
  2. Heat pump
  3. Defrost cycle
  4. Ignition
  5. Burner assemblies
  6. Heat exchanger
  7. Backup heating
  8. source
  9. Clearances
  10. Combustion air
  11. Vents
  12. Piping
  13. Gas pressure
What Do You Expect From Service Done Annually?

Here are what the experts will perform service on during the annual servicing of your heating unit:

  1. The HVAC experts will check and clean your indoor coil and report any concerns
  2. Clean and replace your air filters
  3. Check and recalibrate your thermostat if needed
  4. Check the status of all hoses and connections
  5. Provide a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home
How Important Are Annual Services?

While most homeowners may feel that their heating units do not require any sort of service or maintenance, however, the notion is not entirely wrong since these units are made for heavy-duty usage, you may expect sudden malfunctioning and breakdowns of your unit. Your unit failure during harsh weather conditions is the least you would want to expect and therefore annual services ensure you do not have to go through all the inconveniences and that your heating system lasts longer and delivers efficient and effective service for a much longer period.

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