How Much Does it cost to Replace an Igniter on a Furnace?

Your furnace works hard through the winter to keep you warm. Like all other machinery, it can malfunction and may need furnace repair from time to time. The furnace igniter in specific has a short lifespan and needs replacement periodically. It is because the igniter has elements subjected to extreme heat. The igniter gets very hot then cools down repeatedly to heat the furnace to the temperature you desire.

Thankfully, most heating, air conditioning, and ventilation companies sell igniters for most furnace models, including those no longer manufactured.

Here is some information on replacing the igniter on your furnace.

  • Qualified Technician: Most homeowners will agree that furnace tune-up and replacing an igniter is relatively easy. Yet, people call in the pros to get it replaced. Wondering why? The igniter is a small and brittle component that can easily break. You can choose to replace the igniter on your own, but you must instead call a repair technician to avoid costly mistakes. HVAC contractors will gladly replace the igniter and perform your furnace yearly maintenance at an affordable price tag.
  • Igniter Cost: The igniter costs no more than $30 to $50. Check with your furnace manufacture for the model number of your furnace so you can find the right igniter for your unit. Furnaces can last for several years, and hence it is not hard to find the right replacement part. If your furnace is old and you cannot find the recommended igniter for it, you can ask a technician to suggest a replacement part. It would be better to purchase the igniter from the manufacturer directly. You may also get the igniter at a competitive price from your heating repair and service company.

Much like the cost of the igniter, the labor cost is not very expensive. It is important to note that the cost to replace the igniter can vary from one state to another and even from one area to another. A ballpark figure is approximately $75 to $100. This cost covers only labor. At times, parts and services can go up to $250 to $300. Remember that your unit will not turn on if your furnace igniter malfunctions, despite having just replaced the part. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a reliable technician and replace the igniter with a quality replacement part. Look for a reputed service provider in your area to mitigate the costs of replacing the igniter again prematurely.

Other Considerations

Before you hire an HVAC contractor to replace your igniter, be sure to scour the market for the best service provider. Obtain estimates from a few companies. Also, verify if the company has the recommended replacement part in stock and guarantee their job.

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