How Much Does a HVAC Service Call Cost in 2021?

How Much Does a HVAC Service Call Cost in 2020?

Regular HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA may cost you somewhere in between $75 to $200, which includes simple tune-ups. If your air conditioning system requires any additional services, you may need to pay extra money for that. Most Small HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA like breakers, thermostat or fuse replacement may cost you between $150 to $400. More extensive repair and replacement such as leakage in the refrigerator evaporator coil may cost you in between $250 to $1500.

Mostly the homeowners pay an average of $350 per year for emergency AC repair Alpharetta. There is no standard call cost for HVAC services, and the cost varies depending on many factors.

Many professional HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA companies charge you on per hour basis, while the other companies may charge you based on the project they are given.

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If an HVAC expert visits your home to inspect your air conditioning system, they may charge you somewhere between $30 to $50, even if they do nothing. A thorough inspection of your air conditioning system and a simple tune-up helps to enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning system. It also helps the homeowner to find out small problems before they become more abundant.

Some HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA companies provide flat charges for their different HVAC services. Where other companies charge on per hour basis. HVAC repairing companies charge $150 to $200 per hour. The per-hour charges include the fees of the technician, the cost of their travel, and the value of the service they are providing.


Not necessarily your air conditioning system requires an inspection after it is facing some problem. It is suggested to all the homeowners to get their air conditioning system thoroughly checked and cleaned at least once in a year. Most of the air conditioning companies offer annual maintenance services to the buyers by paying extra bucks for the service. You can also hire other professional HVAC service experts for yearly maintenance of your air conditioning system.

For an extended emergency AC repair Alpharetta contract, the annual maintenance cost can be between $150 to $500 and include the maintenance of the entire HVAC system.


Here are two different price lists when we talk about a standard HVAC repair in Alpharetta, GA; one is for the AC, and the other one is for the furnace.

  • Furnace Service Cost: You may need to pay $250 on average as furnace service cost. The homeowner with an HVAC system pays between $125 to $350 in the furnace servicing cost. HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA technicians who prefer charging their customers on per hour basis, may charge you between $150 to $200 for furnace servicing.
    There can be different jobs included in the servicing of the furnace, such as repairing the flame sensor, blower motor, heat exchanger, pressure sensor, or replacement of any of them. Replacing the gas valve, draft inducer, and even replacing the ignitor is a part of the furnace serving. Each of the repairs and replacements will cost you differently.
  • AC Service Cost: You may need to pay an average amount of $300 for your AC servicing. Most of the homeowners spend between $150 to $400 for their AC servicing. You may call the HVAC repair Alpharetta, GA technician for tuning up your AC or to diagnose if there is any trouble with your AC. In both cases, you will be charged even when the technician doesn’t do any job.
    If there is any leakage found in the evaporator or the refrigerant you will be charged for repairing or replacing the refrigerant or the evaporator. If your AC requires any other replacement like AC contactor replacement, drain pan or service board replacement or any other repair or replacement, you need to pay different call costs.

Make sure that you get your HVAC serviced by a licensed technician. Look for online reviews before you hire a technician to do the HVAC servicing job for you. Staton Heating & Air has a team of well-equipped and well-trained technicians for HVAC servicing. Call (770) 667-3992 and book an HVAC service today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be more than one reason for which your AC is probably seeming to be running while being unable to cool down your room. The ice build-up is one of the many reasons. Dirty filters and coils are other reasons which result in the same. If your air conditioning system is facing other significant issues like a refrigerant leakage or leakage in the evaporator, it may also fail to cool even when in the running condition.

The life expectancy of every electronic device, including an AC system depends upon the way you maintain them. Maintenance of an AC system is mandatory at least once in a year even though you don’t find any problem with the air conditioning system. You may expect your air conditioning system to run adequately for 10 to 15 years. Many homeowners say that their AC systems are running correctly even after 20 years when maintained appropriately.

The entire HVAC system, including the AC and the furnace, share the blower motor. Thus you need to replace it immediately when in need. The blower motor blows the air over the heating coils and evaporator coils from the furnace. You may need to pay an average amount of $450 to replace the blower motor of your AC. If you have a warranty, you may need to just pay the labor charges. 

You may replace your AC based on the energy star of your air conditioning system when your AC is more than 10 years old. Generally, you can consider replacing your AC in every 10 to 15 years. But like any other mechanical equipment, your AC also can wear out sooner than the lifespan or also can sustain a little more than what’s expected. If you find any major repairment, it is always better to get your AC replaced instead.

If your ductwork ages 15 years or more, probably it is time you get it replaced. The maximum lifespan of ductwork is 20 to 25 years. But it starts deteriorating after 15 years affecting the efficiency of the airflow of your air conditioning system. Most of the homeowners ignore paying attention to their ductwork with the misconception that all metal ductwork can’t go wrong. But that is nothing but a delusion.

The replacement of an HVAC ductwork will include the removal of the old ductwork while installing a new one. You may expect to get charged in between $500 to $3000 by an expert HVAC technician for the job. The charge will include new piping, disposal of the old HVAC units etc. The cost of the replacement may also vary depending upon the type of ducting material that you are preferring.

You can save 15% in your electricity bill when you keep your HVAC system maintained correctly. An overall assessment of your HVAC system by an expert HVAC technician is suggested. If you are using your HVAC system regularly or frequently without maintaining it or get it serviced, you may need to replace your HVAC before the sooner than the expected time span. You can take many preventive measures when your HVAC system is thoroughly checked before any problem is raised.