How Long Does A Trane HVAC System Last?

When you are buying equipment and appliances for your home, several questions may pop up in your head. Which technology should I choose? Is this appliance worth the money? Should I seek professional advice before buying? What would be the lifecycle of the product?

These questions are also likely to pop when you are buying or have already purchased the Trane HVAC system. AC installation Alpharetta is the next step after buying the HVAC. However, you need to know how long it will last. First, let’s understand the lifecycle of Trane HVAC systems.

Understanding HVAC System Lifecycle

When you are looking for air conditioning services, it is best to know how much to invest. The life cycle of the HVAC system majorly depends on two factors – the manufacturers and the customers.

The way the system has been manufactured can have a significant impact on the duration that it will last for. The customers are also responsible in a way that the maintenance provided to the system may determine the damage done to the parts of AC.

Measures which are taken to make it Last

The professional technicians who have substantial experience in the field of AC repairs suggest that if the customers abide by some styles, their HVAC systems can last long. These are mentioned below:

● Repairs: Even the HVAC system is a machine, after all. It will need repairs from time to time. Its internal and external components may get damaged due to several reasons. Hence, it is recommended to go for air conditioning repair Alpharetta whenever you notice any warning signs in your HVAC.

● Cleaning Services: The AC filters and coils often get clogged with dust and bacteria. To deal with this problem, it is an excellent option to get it cleaned from time to time. Cleaning services ensure that the Trane AC cools efficiently.

● Servicing: Every machinery requires servicing at several intervals. Servicing from technicians facilitates the proper functioning of all components and repairs if needed.

The Average Lifecycle of HVAC

Analysis and assessment of all the factors that affect the life cycle of Trane AC systems determine the average lifecycle range being between 15-20 years. The variables like how the equipment was maintained, how the repairs were done, how the manufacturer created the product without faults are to be considered to calculate the duration for which HVAC would last.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

Following preventive tips can be followed to extend the life cycle of Trane HVAC systems:

  • Assessment of refrigerant to know about leakage
  • Remove dirt after thoroughly washing the coils
  • Examination of water condensate
  • Analyze the leakage from the drain lines
  • Regulate the compressor carefully
  • Compress all electrical connections to prevent short circuit
  • Maintain the balance of the blower wheel for balance
  • Avoid cracks in fan blades by regular inspection

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