How Cleaning Your Filter Can Save Your Air Conditioner?

How Cleaning Your Filter Can Save Your Air Conditioner?

You want your air conditioner running in top condition to keep you comfortable this long summer days in Georgia. Whether you have a split system or a ducted type, if your AC is not on its peak performance, summer might not be fun.

Machines like your body and even home air conditioning units need tender loving care. It benefits from dedicated and regular maintenance. A simple routine like cleaning your filters can maximize the functions of your AC unit. If the filter has done been cleaned, it can cause a slowing down of the cooling system. Often times, your air conditioning unit signals you if the filters are getting dirty or if there is a fault in the system.

You may need a new unit and an air conditioning installation Milton, GA, is needed if AC filter problems have been left aside for months or years.

Proper Maintenance of Your AC

Safeguarding your air-con filter is clear of heavy dust helps reduce the pressure of your cooling system. Catching the problem before it gets worst is the best prevention for an air conditioner complication. Maintaining helps in keeping it running at its maximum efficiency and to avoid wasting energy. Dirty filters can cause your unit to work harder. It then uses more energy thus amplifying your utility bill costs.

Proper maintenance and regular check-up from Staton Heating & Air Inc are critical to keeping your system running in optimal shape. The best way and the cheapest is to get your air filters clean.

What Do Air Filters Do?

Air filters drive away airborne particles and atmospheric dust. It keeps from getting into your air conditioner’s drip pan, heating and cooling coils, and fan motor. Your cooling system will choke on its air intake if the filters are covered in dust. This will then clog the coils. A debris build-up can surely diffuse air impurities throughout your home.

Your cooling system will start to overheat and automatically shuts down if air filters are full of dust as it prevents the consistent flow of air. It can happen several times and your whole AC system may break down eventually. An air conditioning installation Milton, GA can help you get a new one and install a new system properly.

Dirty Filters Affect Your Health

Dust that has gathered in the filter can make attract mites and other bugs. A certain smell covers the AC unit when a good amount of dust has accumulated.

When there is extra dust that blows a strained filter, it can circulate around the room which can be an irritant for allergy sufferers. People get sick or their allergies flare up when getting into a home with dirty filters.

An air conditioning installation Milton, GA is not necessary to install a new system. A clean-up of the dirty filters is only needed. The best company that can do this efficiently is Staton Heating & Air Inc. Our technicians are ready to answer your call to help you immediately. Call us at (770) 667-3992. We service around Pasco Pinellas and Hernando Counties. Get that dirt out off your AC now!