Avoid a Cheap Air Conditioning Installation

Avoid a Cheap Air Conditioning Installation

Learning the hard way is never fun. Over the forty-plus years, we’ve been in business, unfortunately, Staton Heating & Air has helped a number of customers who got a cheap installation done and needed our help to repair the shoddy job. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you, by choosing a reputable and experienced contractor when you need air conditioning installation in Alpharetta, GA.

Why do people get themselves into Trouble?

We can understand how a shockingly low installation price has its appeal. When you’re spending the money on a new AC, the sticker shock might make you want to look for savings where you can. A recent customer of ours who got a cheap AC installation from another area contractor told us, “I was buying a really expensive high-efficiency AC so I wanted to save what I could on the installation”.

What happens with a Cheap Installation?

The person doing the installation may not even be a licensed contractor, allowing them less overhead since they aren’t covered for insurance. Usually, someone offering a super low price compared to other contractors in the area is cutting corners to get the job done faster.

Energystar.gov reports nearly half of all installation jobs are done improperly, causing homeowners to lose up to 27% of the energy output from their AC because of quick or sloppy work. Precision is the only way to get the optimal installation done.

When an installation is rushed or done by someone with little experience, problems include:

  • Air duct leakages
  • Improper coolant levels added to the new AC
  • Air loss from duct leakage
  • Air loss from improper sizing
  • Poor placement of the unit

Avoid a Cheap Air Conditioning Installation

What’s an Easy Sign of a Bad Installation?

When you use a SEER savings calculator to look at the difference in energy usage between your older unit and the new model, you should have an expectation of how much your bills should decrease. Let’s say your calculation shows a 30% expected to decrease. While a 27% decrease would be reasonable, if you’re only saving 10% or your bills haven’t decreased at all, you are likely the victim of a poor installation job.

What should I do?

If you suspect a poor installation, check with the person who performed the job to see if they can remedy the problem. Even good contractors will make a rare mistake so give them the chance to make it right. A solid contractor should already have provided you with a labor warranty. If the person who did the job was so unprofessional you don’t want them back, make sure you chose an experienced professional contractor. Read reviews and ask around.

Staton Heating & Air knows the steps to ensure a quality air conditioning installation in Alpharetta, GA. Our business has been part of the community since 1972. We will spend the time it takes to make a confident decision about a new air conditioner. Give us a call today at (770) 667-3992.