Air Duct Installation in Milton, GA

Air Duct Installation in Milton, GA, and Surrounding Areas

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Air Duct Installation in Milton, GA, and Surrounding AreasMany people are unaware of the importance of ducting in the performance of an air conditioner or heating system. Think logically, the air is forced out of your heating or cooling system, through the network of ducting, and into your home or office.

The mode of transportation is the ductwork, and without this, your system would cease to exist. Air duct installation needs to be carried out with precision, and care, ensuring that each section is securely fitted to the next, no tear or cracks develop and that once completed, the ductwork is left immaculate. Staton HTG & Air Conditioning are available to assist you with your heating or cooling installation, as well as the associated ducting. We are skilled, trained, and NATE certified to provide professional service that never ceases to satisfy.

The Importance Of Precision

Precision when referring to air duct installation is key in the performance and energy-efficiency of the system. Segments that don’t fit together creating a seal will only leave room for air to escape. Tears, cracks, or flaws will have the same effect. An air conditioning or heating system needs to be installed in such a way as to maximize the energy-efficiency, and in doing so, reduce your operational utility costs.

A system that produces cool or warm air, but that air is lost through ill-fitting ducting, or crack and tears, will not run efficiently. The setup will have to work twice as hard to produce the same amount of warmth or cool. The harder your unit works, the more wear and tear takes place, and the shorter the lifespan will become. Precision and professional air duct installation services are offered by Staton, we are the experts in the field.

Ducting – Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is of great importance these days. Teenagers and young adults are spending less time outdoors, and more of their hours inside. Ensuring that the air quality is safe is a major factor. Studies have revealed that often the indoor air quality is of such poor quality that the contaminants in the air are more harmful than the risks posed by pollutants in the air outdoors. A very frightening thought. Our ductwork attracts dust particles, pollen, mites, and other allergens. These are deposited by air passing through the network.

As these particles build up, they are moved around each time air is forced through, and many of the particles are carried in the forced air and into your homes. The allergens, mites, and pollen can cause illness and worsen allergic reactions like sinus, and even asthma. Breathing in this polluted air is not done with ease, your body has to labor in order to get the required oxygen from each breath. You may not even realize it, however, this takes a toll on your body, leaving you tired, lethargic, and very unproductive. At Staton, we offer indoor air quality evaluations and are able to provide workable solutions to your poor quality indoor air.

Staton HTG & Air Conditioning, indoor air quality specialists. We ensure that the air you breathe gives you what you need, leaving you energized, revitalized, and ready to tackle the day. Call us now if you are feeling lethargic or tired, or have an idea that your indoor air quality may be taking the strain. (770) 667-3992. Affordable solutions are closer than you think.

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