Age Affects Us all -Man and Machine Alike

Age Affects Us all -Man and Machine Alike

Is your AC getting on in age? Has the efficiency begun to dwindle around almost non-existent, leaving your utility bill climbing through the roof? Are repair costs mounting? Is your equipment on a break more than at work these days? Or is it simply just not cooling as it used to? Your AC has an expected lifespan and just as with humans, how you care for the equipment during that lifespan will determine whether it goes the distance or gives up before its time.

When you make that investment into your home and into the lifestyle of your family you are aware of the responsibility on you to maintain the equipment to ensure that you receive all the benefits you expect from it. You are also innately aware of the fact that this equipment, although intended to last for 15-20 years, won’t last forever. One sure thing is that air conditioner replacement Milton GA will become a reality in the future.

Do I Really Need A Replacement?

There are many indications that a replacement is on the cards and many of them don’t just suddenly creep up out of the blue. Of course just because something goes wrong with your AC doesn’t indicate immediately that a replacement will be required, however, the age and performance of the equipment are taken into consideration.

Has the heat of the summer just seemed to get out of hand or is it possible your AC that just isn’t working efficiently anymore? You have noticed that even at full power the air is just not cool enough. Is your sitting room ice cold but your bedroom like a sauna? When it comes to your AC any strange sounds or odors are a red flag. The trick is to always be aware of your equipment. Yes, I know this isn’t always the case. You just come to expect what is always there until it isn’t anymore. Maintenance is your first line of defense against avoidable breakdowns and repairs but it can never guarantee that breakdown will never take place.

That, unfortunately, is an eventuality that cannot be completely prevented and all that you can do is forge bonds with a reputable service provider now. Ensure that you are covered should a disaster strike. Staton HTG & Air should be your first choice in service provider for guaranteed quality and service delivery.

Staton Service

We know how frustrating it can be to have your AC fail you when you need the services the most. I am sure you have all experienced the desire to be at home, where it cool and safe, only to return home from a day in the sweltering heat to find that your AC has given up the ghost. What can be even more frustrating is that you were so strict about your maintenance regime.

At Staton HTG & Air our team is professionally trained, skilled, and has the experience to evaluate your equipment and make the appropriate suggestions on how best to rectify a ghastly situation. When your AC is getting closer to the end of its lifespan and breakdown occurs, many contractors will simply jump to the conclusion that an air conditioner replacement Milton GA is required. At Staton, we do a thorough evaluation of your equipment first.

We are competent and confident that we will make the right decision. If we feel that your old AC still has life left in it, we will offer you a repair that will give you equipment a new lease on life. But, if there is no hope, we will provide you with an estimate that is affordable and replacement equipment that offers efficiency and cost-effective operation. Our air conditioner replacement Milton GA is guaranteed to be a worthy replacement for your old trusty AC. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call Staton HTG & Air today for service that will bowl you over. We take great pride in the results we produce. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity, and good old hard work. We aim to please and will go to great lengths to achieve just that. We know that our satisfied customers are the best form of advertising and we keep you coming back. (770) 667-3992.