AC Maintenance Spells Better Peace of Mind

AC Maintenance Spells Better Peace of Mind

Appliance repair bills can really break the bank and wreck your holiday plans. Fortunately, the majority of air conditioner failures can be prevented with regular AC maintenance service Milton GA.

As the late, great John Lennon once quipped in the lyrics to Beautiful Boy “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”. This keen insight into the human condition and the universe’s obvious sense of humor, coupled with his songwriting prowess, is probably what made the Beatles star such a legend.

He also must have owned an appliance or two, because household machinery always seems to break either when one doesn’t have the funds available to have it fixed, or when one has the money but was planning on spending it on something a lot more, you know, fun.

A third hilarious scenario is one in which a whole bunch of things (at least three) all break down at exactly the same time. Good times.

While we are quick to blame mischievous cosmic forces, the reality is that many mechanical failures can be prevented by adhering to maintenance schedules.

Like any electromechanical system, an air conditioner endures a certain amount of wear and tear over time, and keeping the system well-maintained with regular services and tune-ups has myriad benefits, including:

Avoiding Unnecessary And Expensive Repair Bills

This is, unfortunately, a life lesson that everyone learns at one time or another. You know the one: “I don’t really want to spend money having the car serviced at the moment. Besides, it’s working perfectly fine. I’ll just skip this service and do the next one”.

Then, a couple of months later, the vehicle overheats, or the cambelt snaps and you are stuck with an enormous repair bill.

With regards to air conditioning, the same principle applies. Spend a little money on a service, or invest in a maintenance plan, and avoid spending big bucks in the future.

Keeping The System Running Efficiently

Part of an air conditioner’s job is to clean the air that cycles through it to the best of its abilities. To accomplish this, it moves the air through a filter or multiple filters which trap dust, dirt, and debris.

As you can imagine, the filters can get pretty badly soiled after a while, and this can restrict airflow. The more the air is impeded from moving, the harder the AC will have to work, and the higher your energy bill is likely to be.

Furthermore, air ducts and condenser coils also accumulate dirt and need to be cleaned to avoid a drop in efficiency.

The service technician will also calibrate the thermostat to ensure that it measures the outside air temperature as accurately as possible.

Ensuring Maximum Comfort

Let’s face it, an air conditioner’s main function is to keep us comfortable when the mercury starts ascending. But, in order for it to continue invigorating us with its Alpine kiss, the system needs to be kept “healthy”.

What do we mean by “healthy”?

Well, as we alluded to earlier, an air conditioner consists of several interconnected electrical and mechanical parts. These include:

  • Fans
  • Condenser Coils
  • An Evaporator Module
  • Refrigerant
  • A Drain and Pan
  • Air Ducts
  • A Compressor
  • Various Belts and Pulleys

Since the vast majority of these parts involve the movement of one type or another, there is likely to be some wear with extended use. During a service, the technician will check all moving parts and replace those in need of attention as well as applying lubricant to ensure smooth movement.

While life can be quite the practical joker, don’t allow your AC to be the punchline. Avoid sense-of-humor failures by calling us at (770) 667-3992 for AC maintenance service Milton, GA. Or send us a message directly from our Contact page.