4 Common Symptoms of a Clogged Air Filter

You breathe outside air inside your home, whether it’s on the hottest summer days or the chilliest winter nights. In order to cool or heat the space, your HVAC system draws outdoor air into your home. What if the AC filter is blocked, though? Your health will deteriorate, experience unpleasant odors, etc.

Symptoms of Clogged Air Filter:

You’ll be able to tell when your AC air filter is dirty because of the many symptoms it causes around the house. They consist of the following:

Reduced Airflow:

Reduced airflow from your vents is one of the main signs of an obstructed AC filter. When the airflow is drastically reduced, it may be because the air filter is clogged with debris, which prevents the air from entering the house properly. Placing your hand in front of the air vents is the simplest way to tell if the airflow has decreased. Your top suspects should include the air filter if little air is entering. A clean air filter facilitates airflow, providing a sufficient supply of air within the home.

Ineffective Cooling:

Less cold air enters the house when the air filter is not able to pass through enough air. The house won’t be efficiently cooled as a result, despite the low thermostat reading. A clogged air filter may not only let less air through but also permit some particles to do so. These particles may pile up on the cooling coils, causing the coils or the fans to become frozen. This frost has the potential to do considerably more harm as it begins to melt. The most effective technique to find such a problem is to examine the outdoor AC unit.
A filthy filter can hinder airflow and cause debris to accumulate on your system’s components. In either case, the cooling process will be slowed down, and your air conditioner will struggle to keep the temperature set on your thermostat. Because of this, one of the first things you should check if your home is not cooling effectively is the state of your air filter.

Increased Dust and Allergens in the Cabin:

If you have allergies, you may also notice an increase in dust and other allergens in the cabin, which is a sign that the cabin air filter needs to be updated. A clogged filter can no longer filter air effectively, and the air that does pass through may not have been enough filtered. This might also be a sign that the cabin air filter has somehow been harmed or ripped, enabling unfiltered air to enter.
The inability to sieve out dust, pollen and other airborne particles indicates that the air filter is unclean. Your indoor air quality is thus diminished. An easy-to-miss yet crucial component of the AC system is the filter. The effectiveness and comfort of your car’s air conditioning system will be greatly improved by making sure it is updated as needed. Any expert technician, like one from YourMechanic, should be able to help you swiftly and easily if you feel that your cabin filter needs to be replaced.

Increased Energy Bills:

The energy expenditures for your home might quickly increase if your air filter is clogged or unclean. This is a result of the system trying too hard to maintain the desired indoor temperature that was programmed into the thermostat. Keep in mind that most cooling systems aren’t just made to bring in the chilly air. They lessen the humidity in the house as well. They, therefore, expend more energy than usual to accomplish this with a finite amount of air, which raises the price of power.
Your air handler has to work harder to maintain optimum airflow in your home when your air filter is blocked. The more energy your system uses, the harder your air handler has to work. A clogged filter could be to blame if your energy bill is much greater than you anticipated.

Negative Effect of It:

You can bet that the air you breathe is polluted if the air filter is dirty. Filtering out all minute particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, plant and mold spores, and even smoke is one of the functions of an air filter. A clogged filter sends those particles back into the house on a constant basis, giving you and your family a variety of health-related problems like migraine, exhaustion, persistent cold-like symptoms, and chronic allergies. If you have pets, having a blocked filter will make the interior air quality even worse.
People who are allergic to any of these particles will undoubtedly experience effects. People who have asthma or specific allergies, for example, may start finding it difficult to live in the house. Additionally, some of the microorganisms that could enter your home could spread illness.


The “white sheet test,” which includes hanging a clean white sheet about 5 inches away from one of the vents for at least an hour, is a creative technique to find out if the air filter is unclean. If the sheet starts to turn gray, your air filter is dirty. The more gray the sheet gets, the dirtier the air filter is.
These are the signs of an obstructed AC filter, and you might consider fixing it or changing it. However, despite not being the most intricate component of an air conditioning system, the AC filter has a significant impact on both system performance and indoor air quality. Remember to frequently check and change your AC filters to avoid these issues. If you don’t feel comfortable changing or cleaning your air filters, you may always ask a trained expert for assistance.

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