15 Air Conditioner Problems That Homeowners Face & Their Solutions

Air conditioners are vital to any home, especially during the hot summer. However, like any other mechanical device, air conditioners can experience problems.

Staton Heating & Air Inc. provides preventative services, such as routine AC maintenance in Duluth, GA, to keep your air conditioning unit in top shape all summer. We are also known for our expert AC repair services in Duluth, GA, and surrounding areas. Our trained and experienced professionals are equipped to handle any minor or significant HVAC issue with little difficulty.

common ac problems that homeowners face and their solutions

  • The AC Is Not Turning On: A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse could cause the AC to turn off. Check your circuit breaker and replace any blown fuses.
  • Lack of Cooling: A lack of refrigerant or a malfunctioning compressor could cause the AC to not cool the area efficiently. Schedule AC maintenance in Duluth, GA, with Staton Heating & Air to have your AC serviced and refilled with refrigerant.
  • Strange Noises: Several factors, such as a dirty air filter, worn fan belt, or loose parts, could cause the AC to produce these alarming noises. Clean or replace your air filter, and have our professionals inspect your AC for worn or loose parts.
  • Leaking Water: A clogged drain line or a malfunctioning condensate pump could cause this. Clean your drain line, schedule an AC repair in Duluth, GA, and have our professional inspect and repair your condensate pump.
  • High Humidity: A malfunctioning evaporator coil or a clogged air filter could cause an increased humidity level. Have a professional inspect your evaporator coil and clean or replace your air filter.
  • The AC is Not Blowing Air: A blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or malfunctioning fan motor could cause this problem. Check your circuit breaker, replace any blown fuses, and have our professional inspect your fan motor during your AC maintenance in Duluth, GA.
  • Emanating Weird Smell: This could be caused by mold growth, faulty wiring, or overworking parts in your AC. Contact us and have our professionals assess the problem and offer solutions to prevent further damage and hazards.
  • Short Cycling: A dirty air filter or a malfunctioning thermostat could cause this. Clean or replace your air filter and have a professional check your thermostat if the problem persists.
  • The AC is Constantly Running: A dirty air filter could cause this, closed or blocked air vents, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Clean or replace your air filter, check your air vents, and recalibrate your thermostat.
  • High Electricity Consumption: This could be caused by a dirty air filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a poorly insulated duct system. If you reside in the area, schedule an AC repair in Duluth, GA, to clean or replace the air filter, check the thermostat, and inspect the ducts for proper insulation.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: Low refrigerant levels, a clogged air filter, or a blocked airflow could cause this issue. Have our professional check the refrigerant levels, clean or replace the air filter and ensure proper airflow to the unit.
  • Damaged Compressor: The compressor is a vital component of the AC system and compresses and circulates refrigerant throughout the unit. Compressor replacement can be costly, and replacing the entire AC unit may be more cost-effective if the compressor is beyond repair.
  • Low Humidity: It can cause various issues, including dry skin, dry nasal passages, and respiratory problems. Some solutions to these problems are: using a humidifier, taking shorter showers, keeping indoor plants, and sealing your home.
  • Capacitor Failure: When it fails, it can no longer provide the necessary power to start and run the unit’s components. The solution for a capacitor failure is to have it replaced by a professional HVAC technician who will first diagnose the problem by checking the voltage and amperage on the capacitor and replacing it with a new one.

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