What Causes A Circuit Breaker To Trip On An AC?

An AC cannot work with a tripping circuit breaker. A circuit breaker determines the performance of your AC. If a circuit breaker is well maintained and all its issues are fixed on time, it ensures a long life for your AC, but if it is frequently tripping, it can make your AC leave you alone to face the heat.

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What is a tripping circuit Breaker?

Whenever energy consumption crosses the limit, it leads to overheating. Then the circuit breaker stops the electrical flow to prevent damage to the circuit. This sudden shutting off of the power supply causes a circuit breaker trip.

Why Does A Circuit Breaker Trip?

If you wonder, “why does the AC trip the circuit breaker,” then read till the end to find the reasons, consequences, and solutions.

Reasons behind tripping Circuit breaker:

1.  Unwashed Condenser Coil

A condenser coil covered with dirt gives nothing but the trapped heat as it blocks heat from dispersing outside the house. This trapped heat overheats the AC unit and causes a short circuit. Frequently cleaning the AC and a tune-up by a professional will help you prevent this situation.

2.  Dirt-Filled Air Filters

Check the AC filters when a circuit breaker is tripping because a dirty filter reduces the airflow. More power supply will be needed to enhance the airflow. The overconsumption of energy will damage the AC unit resulting in the circuit breaker trip.

3.  Old Compressor and Motor

The old compressor and motor either need repairing or replacement to work efficiently. If these two are not working properly, it will cause circuit breaker tripping.

4.  Inaccurate Wiring

Sometimes the internal fault of the circuit breaker leads to tripping. This fault includes loose wiring, broken or damaged wires.

Consequences of AC Tripping Circuit Breaker

  • AC suddenly stops working.
  • Damage in the internal parts of AC units.
  • AC is blowing warm air.
  • Effect on health due to unfiltered and hot air.
  • High electricity bills.
  • Weird and irritating noises.

Solutions to this Problem:

  • Clean, wash or replace the air filter.
  • Clean the dirty condenser coil often.
  • Schedule timely servicing.
  • Get the outside unit of your AC cleaned by a technician.
  • Replace old and faulty motor.
  • Take an expert’s help to fix loose wiring.
  • Replace old or damaged compressor.

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