Duct Sealing in Milton, GA

Duct Sealing in Milton, GA, and Surrounding Areas

Installation – Affected Efficiency

Duct Sealing in Milton, GA, and Surrounding AreasNot enough emphasis is placed on the ductwork associated with your heating or cooling system. Great importance is placed on the unit itself, however, without the ducting, the air would have nowhere to go.

The ductwork is the largest component of the heating or cooling system and it needs to be kept in a state that promotes efficiency, indoor air quality, and cost-effectiveness. The installation of the ductwork is key to the efficiency of the system. Yes, your unit can be the most expensive, top of the range one on the market, however, if your ducting is not up to scratch, you will never truly feel the benefits.

Ductwork has to be installed in such a way that the segments fit together perfectly, allowing for duct sealing to take place with ease. Sealing the joints between segments reduces the risk of air and energy being lost through the cracks. The ducting should be free of cracks, scratches, and flaws, and should always be left in immaculate condition, with no dust in sight. Staton HTG & Air, Inc. have been providing heating and cooling installation, including the associated ducting, for many years, and we have always left our customers completely satisfied with the efficiency of their systems.

Maintenance – Thorough Evaluation and Remedy Action

Yes, installation is paramount, however, if you don’t carry out the regular maintenance services on the equipment, your money has been wasted. Maintenance is the only way you have to keep your system in working order. You control whether or not your heating or cooling system offers continued service efficiently and effectively. Maintenance should always be carried out by professionals, providing meticulous, and systematic inspection of the equipment and associated ducting.

The equipment is recharged with gas, electrical connections checked, filters changed, and a visual inspection carried out. The ducting, however, received a visual inspection, and an evaluation of the duct sealing between the segments. Maintenance service is in place to ensure that the system, and ducting, are left clean, and in a state that offers maximum energy-efficiency which allows for cost-saving and lower utility charges.

Staton HTG & Air, Inc. serves the Georgia region, providing the community with maintenance services that are thorough, extensive, and leave your unit and the ducting in a condition that is conducive to maximum efficiency. Ductwork is often the forgotten warrior in the scenario, but we take good care of that. Call Us now if your system seems to be working overtime, yet it produces nothing more than usual. (770) 667-3992.

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