What Does It Take To Breathe Freely When You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

What Does It Take To Breathe Freely When You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

What Does It Take To Breathe Freely When You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies are a drain on your energy and can dominate your life if you don’t take charge. It’s estimated that somewhere between 10 and 30 % of the world’s population suffers from allergies. Getting air conditioning that actively filters out allergens from the air in your home is a major source of relief.

If you’re looking for a solution to your seasonal allergies, you need to take a look at the new allergen catching units on the market today. Between your commute to work and any time you spend outdoors, having a comfortable home is your needed refuge. When everything outside is making your symptoms flare up, knowing you can spend some time in an allergen-free zone makes all the difference.

How does Staton Heating & Air Inc make the difference in your home’s air quality?

There are several ways our team can get you breathing easy again.

We’ve split the ways to address allergens in the home into different levels, depending on the severity of your allergy symptoms, your budget, and the age of your current AC unit. Remember getting a technician to take a good look at your system will let you know the most personalized options.

  • Optimal Choice:

This plan is best for those with severe allergies or when multiple members of the family suffer from allergies. If you’re sick of headaches, itchy eyes, and lack of relief, a new allergen-reducing air conditioning unit is the best option for you. This option will cost the most but provide the top level of relief. Along with a new high-efficiency filtered AC system, you should have ductwork redone or repaired to make an airtight circulation.

What Does It Take To Breathe Freely When You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

  • A Well-Planned Difference:

If your allergies are more moderate, or you want to get a little more life out of your current AC before a full replacement, this option is best for you. Ideally, you want to get 10-15 years out of your investment in an air conditioner. Check out your annual energy bills first with the current AC system you own and consider how often you’re paying for repairs when deciding if a replacement still would save you more money along with adding higher air quality to your home. For “A well-planned difference”, you need to get maintenance service or air conditioning repair in Milton, GA. Follow up with your own air quality maintenance by changing the filter on your unit every month. The warmer months where you’re running your AC often are the crucial time to change filters regularly to make sure dirt and allergens aren’t circulating around your home. Repair duct leaks professionally by hiring Staton Heating & Air Inc.

  • Your Budget-Friendly Option:

This option is for those with mild allergies or those on a limited budget. This will help air quality some in the home. If you can’t afford ductwork repair from a professional, repair what you can on your own. Next, start a savings plan towards your next AC unit replacement. Replace filters monthly during the warm season. We still recommend maintenance as it will save you more in the long run than letting your system break down and need a major repair or unexpected replacement.

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