How Do You Know If Your Furnace Thermostat Is Bad?

If you’re struggling with your heating and cooling equipment facility, the first thing you should look for is the thermostat. Thermostats are accessible and easy to replace, also the first thing to be checked once you find trouble in your heating or cooling equipment. These devices control HVAC system operations, and if they fail to make it, it’s a sign that your heating or cooling equipment is in bad condition.

To check if there is a need to replace the thermostat, some observatory signs can help you.

Signs Of A Bad Thermostat

Here are some of the signs which are observed once your thermostat seems to be in bad condition –


    • Short Cycles of HVAC System.
      Shutting off the HVAC system too early leads to ineffective heating and cooling patterns, leading to an uncomfortable indoor environment.


    • Show No Change When Changing Settings.
      Normally, when you change the settings at your thermostat, it responds with a clicking sound. But when you hear no clicking sound when there is a change in settings, the thermostat needs heating repair in Duluth.


  • HVAC System Won’t Turn On.
    This is the most obvious sign that the HVAC system won’t turn on. If you get no response once you make changes in the system, it could have the requirement for furnace repair in Duluth.


Rectifying Thermostat

Following are some of the methods that can help in fixing the condition of the thermostat –


    • Check Circuit Breakers.
      One should check the circuit to make sure they have not tripped in between. If you see the circuit tripped, you should reset the breakers and test the thermostat and HVAC system again.


    • Check the Screen.
      Make sure that the screen of the thermostat is lighted. A blank screen could be a sign of thermostat failure and needs heating repair in Duluth.


    • Check the Location of the Thermostat.
      The location of the thermostat plays a crucial role in its functioning. For instance, placing a thermostat in direct sunlight will sense hotter temperatures and respond as if the inside room temperature is warmer than it is actually. Large openings behind the thermostat can cause inaccurate temperature readings. So it is important to place the thermostat in a position neither too hot nor cold.


    • Check the Settings.
      Changing settings too often can cause thermostat malfunction. It is necessary to check that the thermostat settings are set according to the season. For example, if the settings are too low in the winter, the heating system won’t work as expected.


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