How Do I Check If My AC Compressor Is Working?

The AC helps you to bear the heat. However, an ac with a faulty compressor is the same as a car with a punctured tire. The compressor compresses the refrigerant, allowing the cool gas to flow inside, and flows the hot refrigerant gas outside.

Sometimes we may find that the fan on our AC is running, but it is not cooling down the room. It happens mainly due to a bad compressor.
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But before booking for an AC compressor replacement service, you will need to know whether your AC compressor is working or not.

Signs of a Bad Compressor

Sometimes your AC blows warm air, the compressor produces unusual and loud noises, and sometimes it stops working completely. Even though the fan on your AC is running, it does not ensure that your compressor is working.

Why Does This Happen?

Various reasons contribute to the failure of an AC compressor. These reasons are:

Shortage of Power Supply

One of the reasons behind degraded compressor performance is less supply of power. It happens due to poor wiring or AC tripping circuit breaker.

Fault in the Starter Relay

The primary function of the starter relay is the transmission of power from capacitors to AC compressors. It is the powerhouse for a compressor. The weird noises coming out of the compressor can indicate a faulty starter relay which means this part needs a replacement.

Grubby Filters

Avoiding filter replacement or not cleaning it can cause overheating in your compressor. An air filter with debris and dirt will affect the compressor badly as this will cause blockage in your AC.

Dirty Condenser Coil

A clogged condenser coil causes blockage and lowers the airflow. It is an obstacle for the compressor that can damage your AC compressor.

Problem with Circuit Breaker

The tripping circuit breaker is usually a root cause for all the issues of an AC. You can also fix it yourself by just flipping the breaker, or you can take the help of a technician if the tripping is frequent.

Dead Compressor

The fault in the thermostat, starter relay, and the dirty air filters overheat the compressor leading to its complete failure. A dead compressor has only one solution that is a replacement.

How To Prevent This Condition?

Prioritizing the maintenance and servicing of an AC is the best way to prevent any damage in the AC unit.

Necessary steps for the maintenance of air conditioning

  • Clean the air filters and condenser coil.
  • Check the circuit breaker and electrical supply.
  • Replace the damaged part and rotted insulators.
  • Get your AC checked twice a year for servicing.
  • Replace the dead compressor as soon as you discover the problem.
  • Always contact an expert for repair and replacement.

Never take the AC repair or replacement lightly, and try to do it yourself. It can be harmful and risky for you, your AC, and your pocket. Look out for an experienced technician or AC repair company in your area and take their help.

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