Does Regular AC Maintenance Really Improve Performance?

Does Regular AC Maintenance Really Improve Performance?

Lots of our customers put off getting routine maintenance done on their AC unit and then they end up having to call us anyway when things stop working. One of the main reasons they don’t want to pay for maintenance service comes from the age old idea that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

Why Maintenance Matters?

But when it comes to your air conditioner, prevention is really better than cure in many respects not only will using an AC maintenance service in Alpharetta, GA saves you money both in the fees you need to pay to the HVAC company and also decrease your energy bill and as long as you get your air system tuned up every so often your bills should remain consistently low for the foreseeable future. In case you think we’re kidding, check out below some of the ways your air conditioner will perform better if you let the professionals take care of it.

How Not Cleaning Your AC Affects Performance?

Cleaning might seem like the smallest part of air conditioner maintenance but it’s by far the most important. One of the reasons people get an AC maintenance service in Alpharetta, GA is to help them tackle the bulk of the cleaning – this is often needed when you’ve neglected to do the job yourself and now we need to come in and do a deep clean with specialist equipment.

You might be more inclined to pop open your unit and give it a wipe once you’ve heard that clogged filters obstruct airflow which means the air has to push harder to get through putting extra pressure and heat into the evaporator coils. Why does that matter? Well, if there are dirt and debris in the filter, the air now circulating your home isn’t as clean as it should be and the extra heat put on the coils can often lead to them breaking down. When the extra heat isn’t being absorbed by the evaporator you’ve automatically got an air conditioner that is using 5-15% more energy!

Does Regular AC Maintenance Really Improve Performance?

Your AC Is Likely To Get Worn Down In Spring and Break Down In The Summer!

It’s not just a coincidence that many HVAC companies charge higher prices in the summer, it’s peak time for AC usage to skyrocket and with that comes the inevitable faults all the way through to the units that take their final blow! It’s always in your interest to prepare your air conditioner for the Georgia heat each year by booking your AC maintenance service in Alpharetta, GA when prices are lower, this also ensures that your air conditioner is in great shape so your bills down creep up as you try up the thermostat and run your unit for longer.

This is also not the only reason to get your AC looked at in the springtime, while the weather may be getting warmer, there tends to be more rain and a few strange stormy days, as the leaves start to blow around and debris is flying about your yard, your outdoor air conditioning unit needs to be checked for damage and signs of wear and tear, the pressure on the coils, blocked vents, grille, and fan damage can lead to a 25% reduction in efficiency which is going to have a major effect on performance and your wallet! Contact us now at (770) 667-3992 to save on our spring maintenance plans.