5 Way To Make The Most Of Your New AC

5 Way To Make The Most Of Your New AC

You recently purchased an air conditioning installation in Cumming, GA. Congratulations! You’ve taken the biggest step towards a happy and healthy household this summer. But now that you have your new AC unit, you should think about how to maximize its efficiency and prolong its lifespan so that you don’t waste any money or power this summer or in the years to come.

After all, air conditioning installation in Cumming, GA is only the initial expense. You still have to pay utility bills every month. And while new AC units are extremely efficient these days, there are lots of ways you can improve their efficiency even more and save money every month. You’ll also improve the lifespan of your AC and avoid costly repairs further down the road. Now if that doesn’t sound good to you, we don’t know what will.
Here are five different ways that you can both improve your AC’s efficiency and lifespan easily right now.

1. Schedule a Maintenance Plan

Scheduling routine maintenance is the most important step to keeping your AC unit efficient and running smoothly for years to come. There is no greater mistake than paying for a new AC and then letting it fall into disrepair by ignoring it for years. AC units are complex machines and need cleaning, servicing, and repair on a regular basis, at the very least, once a year. This will keep them running at peak efficiency and help to avoid breakdowns and unnecessary expenses.

2. Check your Doors and Windows

If you’re paying to keep your indoor air cool every month, there’s no sense in letting that air escape out of poorly sealed doors and windows. If you live in an older house, this is especially common. Although it may cost a bit of money to get the seals replaced or new ones installed, it will save you big money on utility bills every month.

3. Adjust your Thermostat

A small adjustment can go a long way in increasing efficiency and lowering cooling costs throughout the summer. Try adjusting your thermostat to just two or three degrees warmer than what you’ve had it set at. Your body might not notice much of a change and you will likely get used to it in no time. However, your AC unit will save a lot of energy day after day from just that small adjustment.

4. Check under your Furniture

If you have AC vents hiding under your furniture, you are wasting a lot of money on cooling down your couches instead of your house. Move your furniture around or close the vents that are covered up so that you don’t waste your cold air. This is one of the most commonly overlooked money wasters in family homes. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest fix.

5. Close Downstairs Vents

Cold air naturally falls downwards, so basements are almost always the coolest part of a house. If you’re paying to cool your basement, you might consider letting gravity take over. Close the vents on your lowest floor and you will redirect all that cold air to the upper floors. This will increase your AC’s efficiency up high and allow the cold air to naturally fall to the basement. This won’t only increase AC efficiency, but it will also help to cool your upper floors faster and more fully.

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