Will The AC Fan Run If The Compressor Is Bad?

As summer approaches, you don’t want to have a malfunctioning AC unit. When the compressor fails to kick in, the fan runs, but no cool air comes in through the vent.

As your air conditioner runs constantly, it’s not surprising that anything could go wrong with the compressor. However, this does not mean that your air conditioner is broken. By reading the following content, you can understand why this could happen. It will help you get an insight into your air conditioning unit.

What happens when the air conditioner's compressor fails?

One or more of the following situations can occur when an AC compressor fails:

  • The outdoor unit is making strange noises.
  • The outdoor unit shakes when it starts.
  • Compressors fail to start altogether.
  • The air conditioner is blowing warm air.
  • The circuit breaker on your AC keeps tripping.
The fan is running, but the air conditioner does not work. What causes it?
Filters and Coils That are Dirty

The condenser may shut down if debris and dirt accumulate in the filters, evaporators, or condenser soil. The evaporator coil stops functioning due to a clogged air filter significantly reducing airflow. The compressor overheats when its air filters and condenser coils are clogged.

If this happens, the compressor will shut off before getting damaged. If the compressor keeps overheating, it may need to be replaced. Replace the air filters, clean the condenser coils, and remove any obstructions in the supply vents to allow airflow.

A Faulty Thermostat or an Incorrect Thermostat Setting

When you expected the compressor to work to cool down the room, the thermostat indicated that the room was already cool enough. Therefore, the compressor did not run.

That being the case, all you have to do is adjust your thermostat accordingly. Replacing your thermostat is the only solution available. Contact your air conditioning contractor in Roswell and get the issue resolved.

Dead Compressor

Unaddressed small problems can blow out of proportion and cause great damage. Dead compressors are one of the effects of an overheated unit and a faulty capacitor. It is impossible to repair a dead compressor, so you must replace it. Only an HVAC professional should change a compressor.

There is a Mismatch Between the Outdoor and Indoor Units
Having a split air conditioner means you cannot replace the entire unit indoors or outdoors when there is a problem. Each unit matches the other. If you have recently replaced either of your units, and the compressor isn’t functioning, it could be because the two units aren’t matched. You could end up spending more money because of it. 

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