Why Is Your AC Running But Not Blowing Air?

If your air conditioner is running but not blowing air, you’re wasting electricity and money. Continue reading to find out why the air conditioner isn’t cooling your home and what you could do about it.
Thermostat Set Incorrectly

Common causes: If your thermostat is preset to a fan, it may be continually running, but the AC is not cooling to the desired temperature.

Solutions: Adjust the thermostat to auto and double-check the temperature setting. The fan will turn on, cooling the air and keeping the room temperature at the desired level.

Clogged Air Filter

Common causes: A clogged air filter might reduce the amount of cold air that enters and cools your home. Alternatively, it may cause the evaporator coil to freeze, limiting the amount of cold air that can cool your home.

Solutions: Check your air filter monthly and clean it or replace it.

Unclean Condenser

Common causes: If you go outside to find the condenser full of leaves, twigs, and grass clippings, this might explain why the air conditioner is running but not blowing air. Because of the obstruction, it is unable to cool your house.

Solutions: Spray the condenser with a water hose to clean the dirt, and you may notice a slight variation in the home’s temperature. Too much water pressure puts the unit at the risk of destroying it and creating a more expensive problem.

Leakage of Refrigerant

Common causes: A refrigerant leak caused by age-related cracks and gaps in the coils, severe vibration, or even impurities might cause the unit, the home, or the environment to suffer.

Solutions: Air conditioning units do not require refrigerant replenishment as automobiles do; instead, the liquid that stays in the coils is recycled. If the refrigerant levels have dropped, something is wrong and most likely leaking. The safest option is to contact a professional for air conditioning repair in Johns Creek.

Poor Installation or Leaky Air Ducts

Common causes: If your air conditioning unit was improperly installed, you might have leaking air ducts. It implies your air conditioner may be cooling your crawl space but not the rest of your house. It will result in higher energy expenses, increased dust, and less cooling.

Solutions: Look for any visible duct rips. Duct tape is a temporary fix that frequently fails and might indicate a previous attempt that now needs further attention. Make sure the connectors that link several air ducts are sealed properly.

Cool Off With Professional HVAC Repair in Johns Creek

When it’s hot outside, you want the air conditioner to be in peak working order. If your air conditioner isn’t pumping cool air, your house will quickly become unbearably hot.

Staton Heating and Air Conditioning in Johns Creek can help you with skilled repairs. Call us for additional information on how we may assist you with the cold air flowing again in your house. Contact us for HVAC repairs in Johns Creek.