Why Are Air Conditioners Placed At A Height Near The Ceiling?

The reason behind placing these appliances at a height near the ceiling is that they remove heat from the room through their cooling coils and exhaust hot air out of the room through their upper vent/outlet. Therefore, to ensure that there is no moisture build-up on the window panes, it is recommended to place your AC at a height near the ceiling. When you place your AC at a suitable height near the ceiling, you will get optimal cooling performance without any worries about moisture build-up on window panes or excessive noise.

Reasons Why Air Conditioners Are Placed At A Height Near The Ceiling

It is a well-known fact that air conditioners make our living areas comfortable. But we often ignore the fact that these devices can be placed near the ceiling,

To Keep The Room Temperature Cool And Comfortable

Air conditioning units are designed to cool an entire room or house, not just one person. So if someone is sitting in a chair or bed while they watch television, they will probably feel too cold by themselves. So instead, the room will be cooled by placing the AC near the ceiling so everyone can enjoy it. This also allows for maximum cooling coverage for each room and prevents cooling from being wasted on other rooms through heat transfer through walls and windows.

To Avoid Moisture Build-Up

The air conditioner removes the room’s heat and replaces it with cool air. Unfortunately, this process creates moisture in the form of water vapor, which can cause mold and mildew if not properly drained out of the room. Also, if you don’t clean your AC regularly, you may end up with mold growing inside it in no time! To prevent this, place your AC unit at least six feet away from any wall or surface where there is a chance for moisture build-up.

To Save Floor Space

Air conditioners usually have a large footprint, which means they occupy a lot of space when placed on the floor. This might lead to inconvenience for people who have pets or small kids at home. In addition, if you place your AC in a poorly ventilated room, it can cause issues such as mold and mildew growth. That’s why most people prefer to place their unit near the ceiling so that it won’t take up too much space.

To Reduce Noise Pollution In The Room
Another reason people opt for placing their AC near the ceiling is to reduce noise pollution in the room. Since the unit is higher, there will be no vibrations or rattling sounds when it runs, which can be very distracting when trying to relax or sleep at night.
To Keep the Air Conditioner Cooler

Air conditioners work by using a refrigeration process that uses coils to blow cold air through your home or office. Coils are designed to be at the bottom of your unit because they take up a lot of space, but they also heat up quite efficiently when exposed to high temperatures outside. A ceiling-mounted unit will keep these coils far away from any heat source to stay more relaxed and efficient for extended periods.

Does The Height Of Installation Of A Window AC Affect The Cooling?

The answer is yes, it does. The higher you place your AC, the better it will perform. But how much difference does it make? And what are the reasons why this happens? Let’s find out:

A Higher Location Means More Airflow

Another reason you should install your air conditioner at a higher location is that it will get more airflow. When an appliance is placed under a table or low shelf compared to its original position, it usually gets less airflow than when it was initially installed higher up. This reduces the efficiency of your AC substantially and makes it work harder to keep up with the heat generated by the room’s occupants.

Condensation Problems Can Be Avoided

Another reason for installing your air conditioner at a higher location is that condensation problems can be avoided with this simple placement adjustment. When you have an appliance placed too low with its surroundings, it is a risk that any water vapor produced by this appliance may fall back onto itself rather than evaporate into the atmosphere as intended by its designers.

Common shortcomings of Placing Air Conditioners Too Low

The height you place your air conditioner can significantly impact its performance. If it’s too low, the unit won’t be able to cool your home effectively. Placing air conditioning units too low can cause the following:

  • The condensation drain pan may overflow, causing water damage to your flooring and belongings.
  • The compressor may overheat and burn out, so you’ll have to replace it.
  • If you’re using an older model with a drain tube, the tube could freeze and burst in wintertime, causing water damage on top of what you’ve already experienced.
  • The fan motor will burn out faster if you install it too low, leading to premature failure and replacement costs later down the road.

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