Why A Service Agreement Is Worth Every Penny

Why A Service Agreement Is Worth Every Penny

There are a number of reasons why the HVAC industry has a bad reputation, most important of all being lack of professionalism in a great percentage of contractors. It is no surprise then, that so many customers avoid having a service agreement for their HVAC system. Air conditioner service experts Milton, GA explain why this is the case.

The Reason Why A Service Agreement Is Often Neglected

There is a majority of customers that consider service agreements for the HVAC system money down the drain. They are the same customers that have been disappointed at some time in the past by their contracting company either because they ended up with extra costs for repair or due to dissatisfaction from the level of service provided.

In either case, the customer is not to be blamed. In order for a service agreement to be actually considered a future investment, it is mandatory to choose the company that views it that way too.

Why A Service Agreement Should Be Considered Mandatory

Air conditioner service experts Milton GA are strong advocates of seasonal HVAC maintenance. It is as important to your system’s health as your regular health check-up and increases the system’s efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

During a routine, pre-seasonal check-up, a certified technician can immediately identify every possible issue and provide a solution before a critical breakdown, minimizing cost and frustration for the client.

According to the US Department of Energy, periodical system checks before high seasons, guarantee that your HVAC system will be working at lower energy costs and higher efficiency rates. In turn, this aids in providing the best levels of comfort to your living and working environment.

Not Just A Matter of Services

Apart from the obvious gain in the overall efficiency of your system, having a service agreement with air conditioner service experts Milton, GA can have a benefit on both your time and overall costs.

Often a breakdown happens at the worst possible time (murphy’s law, right?) In such an instance, we usually hurry to hire the first technician we can find available in order to fix the damage, and guess what, we end up overpaying thanks to it being an emergency.

Should we even mention those rip-off artists that are out there to make a quick buck? Yes, there are people who will sell you their “service” and provide broken replacement parts or cheap parts off the street.

A service agreement is as good as the contractor who offers it. So, make sure to choose carefully for a clear, straight forward contract at a reasonable price. Contact today Staton Heating & Air Inc. at  (770) 667-3992, to meet us in person and talk about your specific needs.