Which Is The Best Direction To Install AC Outdoor Unit?

An air conditioner outdoor unit plays an integral part in maintaining the temperature at your home. However, your air conditioning device can run perfectly only when you install the outdoor unit perfectly and in the right direction. However, since many homeowners are usually unaware of the proper placement of an outdoor air conditioner, it is highly recommended to seek professional help from an expert air conditioning contractor in Roswell

What Is The Ideal Direction To Install Your AC Outdoor Unit?

In terms of directions, the West and South are the directions that remain exposed to maximum sunlight during the day, and the North receives less sunlight. It is, therefore, advisable to install your air conditioner outdoor unit in the North or East direction as this is ideal. 

In Which Location Should You Place Your AC Outdoor Unit?

Apart from considering the directions during your AC installation in Roswell, GA, it is equally important to consider where you will place your AC outdoor unit. Here are some factors you must consider to better position your air conditioning outdoor device.

  • Ample Space Availability
    The primary factor to keep in mind is to ensure that there must be adequate space to install your outdoor uni, and the space should be clean, dry, and open. Furthermore, you must also remember to never install your outdoor unit in enclosed areas like a garage.

    If more than one outdoor unit is installed in a place and you want to put your outdoor unit with them, ensure some distance is kept from other ODUs. Additionally, it is prudent to find a new place for your outdoor unit rather than placing it in a tiny area where other outdoor units are kept.

  • No Airflow Restriction
    There should be appropriate airflow where you like to install your outdoor unit. Generally, you must maintain a 2 feet distance from all sides to ensure proper airflow with an air conditioning outdoor unit. In addition, when wall mounting a split air conditioner outdoor unit, there should be some room between the ceiling and wall to guarantee proper airflow.

    Also, the outdoor device will not touch the wall or the ceiling. You should also avoid your outdoor unit near other units by placing it just in front of any other outdoor unit fan side. Instead, place it away from the other outdoor unit’s fan side, or else one outdoor unit will take hot air from another outdoor unit and hinder the air conditioner’s proper cooling.

  • Distance Between The Outdoor and Indoor Unit
    There is an upper limit of size for copper wiring between the outdoor and indoor air conditioning units. It differs with countries and manufacturers of applications, and it is better to inquire with the HVAC company about the max length. The cooling efficiency decreases with the length of copper piping between outdoor and indoor units. Thus it is better to maintain proper distance between the outdoor and indoor air conditioning device.

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