What To Do When Your Furnace Runs Constantly?

When winter hits the Cumming area, you can expect your home furnace to run frequently. However, that doesn’t mean that it will work all the time. As your furnace ages, one of the problems you may notice is that it won’t turn off.

If you note that your furnace continues to run even when it seems like your home has reached the set temperature, this could be a problem. The cause may be one of the following –

  • Location and size of the Furnace
  • The thermostat setting or wiring
  • A Furnace fan limit switch
  • A Dirty heater or air filter

Why can these problems make your furnace work even if your home is at a comfortable temperature?

There are many potential reasons for this. Before you call a professional HVAC service in Cumming for repair, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the situation.

  • Ensure you ask for a reasonable temperature

The size of the furnace and the location of your home will affect its working efficiency. Thus, always check realistic expectations. If you set the temperature high and the size of your house furnace is modest, your heater will keep on running to keep up with the demand. So, try something below your current settings and check what happens.

  • Check your Thermostat Settings

Sometimes your furnace will not turn off because you programmed the thermostat incorrectly. Make sure it is on or in auto mode. When the programmed thermostat temperature is lower than the one you set, the furnace continues to operate as needed.

  • Check the Air Filter

When the furnace is running continuously, something may be dirty or clogged. The air filter is the first element to check, mainly if you don’t change it as often as recommended.

The air filter of the furnace performs many functions. It helps to keep the air you breathe clean and healthy. When the filter is clogged with dust, it interferes with the capability of the furnace to effectively heat your home in the Cumming area. As a result, your air furnace works harder than usual. Thus, to avoid this, it is the best solution to change the air filter regularly.

  • Check the Blower Motor of Your Furnace

The blower motor of your furnace supervises to circulate warm air in your house. If this motor runs continuously, your furnace will not turn off. How do you deal with this problem? It is better to seek help from a reputable HVAC specialist for HVAC repair in Cumming.

As the colder months get closer, you must have a properly functioning heating system to heat your home in the winter. Your furnace is a complex device. Today, HVAC systems are complex that can have complications over time. So, to diagnose and repair the furnace, you need a reliable and trustworthy HVAC service in Cumming.

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