What HVAC Technicians Do On A Maintenance Visit?

Performing annual maintenance of HVAC systems carries numerous benefits in the long run for the equipment. Annual maintenance becomes significant for energy efficiency since about 12 % of US energy consumption goes for HVAC.

Although most households own HVAC systems, less than half of them sign up for AC maintenance in Duluth. Technicians follow standard procedures while performing routine maintenance of the HVAC system. It differs slightly for the furnace and air condition.

Almost all AC contractors in Duluth will follow the same checklist with slight variation. Prior knowledge about this will help you determine whether the technician is performing the annual maintenance correctly.

Maintenance of Furnace

The technician of an AC contractor in Duluth will inspect and check your furnace or boiler for any abnormality. The following components are checked during maintenance:

  • Filter: Over time, the filter might show signs of wear, and the system can become inefficient. The HVAC technician will inspect the filter and perform a replacement if necessary.
  • Interior and Exterior: Heater’s exterior components are inspected, and a repair is undertaken whenever required. The technician will also clean the interior components of the furnace and examine the ventilation system as well.
  • Power consumption: Unusual power consumption is suggestive of a malfunction in the HVAC system. Therefore, the technicians measure the power consumption of the electrical components of the furnace.
  • Checking for leaks: Leaks of carbon monoxide can be hazardous and life-threatening. Hence, the technician will examine if there is any carbon monoxide leak in the ventilation pipes.

After performing major checkups, the technician will turn on the furnace and monitor the system. This is vital to ensure that every component is functioning properly.

Maintenance of Air Conditioner

An AC installation in Duluth can bring you immense comfort during the sweltering season. However, preventive maintenance is significant if this comfort has to last for many years. The maintenance checklist for Air Conditioner involves the following checklist:

  • AC Units: The air conditioner contains an indoor and outdoor unit. All the internal parts of the indoor and outdoor unit are checked thoroughly at this stage. The compressor motor and belts have a sizable share in the functioning of AC.
  • Coolant: It is the coolant of the AC that cools passing air. During AC maintenance in Duluth, the technician will measure the coolant level and replace it if required. The coolant leak can be fatal since the material is poisonous.
  • Electrical components: The safety control system, circuits, drain line, condensate pump, other valves are inspected. A filter change may also be in the order if required.

The HVAC technician will clean and calibrate your thermostat so that it offers maximum efficiency. At the end of the process, the technician will make an entry in the record book.

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