What Are The Pros and Cons Of Ductless AC Split Systems?

When shopping for an air conditioning unit, there are ample options available. But if you are looking for a way to cool your home without the hassle of installing ductwork, a ductless air conditioner may be perfect for your needs. These systems are highly efficient, wall-mounted units designed for small spaces. Split systems come with a single outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. Ductless air conditioners have many advantages, making them an excellent pick for homes and businesses.

Benefits of Ductless AC Split System over Central Air Conditioning System

It is said that ductwork sucks. We could not agree more, but if the question is whether the central AC system sucks or not, then the answer is that it depends on the user’s needs. Here are a few benefits of a Ductless AC Split System over a Central Air Conditioning System.


Ductless systems are currently the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems for residential needs. These units can cool your home twice as effectively as traditional central air conditioning, using significantly less energy. In addition, each unit has both a high-efficiency indoor fan coil and an outdoor condensing unit that makes it more efficient. On the other hand, the central air conditioning system has problems like higher energy bills, questionable indoor environment, and more. That’s why homeowners should consider installing ductless split systems.

Built-In Zoning
One of the best parts about ductless mini-splits is their ability to provide cooling and heating with a single system. Moreover, the installation process of a ductless mini-split system is more accessible than a central air conditioning and furnace installation. As for zoning, you can install multiple indoor units to create individual temperature zones throughout your home – ideal for when it comes time to heat or cool a single room. In addition, you can add additional ductless units for climate control in various rooms. So if one area overheats, you can cool it off more effectively with a ductless system instead of central air conditioning.
Ductless = Less Work

Another big difference is the no extra work to do: no sheetrock, metal or wood framing, installation of an expensive and energy-sucking central air conditioning system — just incredible convenience and control over home comfort levels. You don’t need to call a contractor or a handyperson unless you need a novel outdoor unit for your house. So if a single feature were of utmost importance for these air conditioning systems in this world, it would have to be “convenient.”


While traditional ducted systems have fixed vents and ducts, a ductless split system offers flexibility that no one else can offer. A ductless air conditioning system can be installed in any room you want. This makes it easy to place these units where you need them most — such as bedrooms or other rooms where people spend most of their time during hot weather.

Drawbacks of Ductless AC Split System over Central Air Conditioning System


The first drawback is the issue of filtration. On a ductless system, you have to install filters separately in all rooms to be cooled. This can be time-consuming and difficult because some models don’t have a filter installation option. As a result, air quality may degrade in the room where such an AC is installed. On the other hand, in the Central Air Conditioning System, Filters are installed at the centralized location near the unit itself (or at the fan) and are constantly kept clean.


Ductless AC units are more expensive than central or window units because they include indoor and outdoor components. The price of installing a ducted system varies depending on the size of your home and many other factors, but it’s usually less expensive than installing a ductless system. A Ductless AC Split system can cost up to 10 times more than central air conditioning systems, making it less economical.

More Complications and Maintenance Issues
Ductless AC Split Systems require you to install an outdoor unit that can be easily damaged by weather or theft. It would help to run wires through your home or office to connect the indoor unit. This can be difficult if you don’t have an easy access point, creating more complications and making access complex. In addition, if any part of your ductless air conditioner fails, you will have to replace it entirely instead of just fixing the broken part like you would with a central air conditioning system. On the other hand, In the case of the Central Air Conditioning System, it can be easily accessed and replaced if you ever face any problem with any part of your system.
Poor Cooling

One of the main drawbacks of ductless air conditioning units is that they have poor cooling capabilities compared to central AC systems because they can’t cool entire rooms at once. Instead, they must be installed in each room where cooling is needed. This means multiple units must be purchased and installed throughout your home if you want complete coverage across all rooms.

Sure the price tag is steep, but most initial investments are like that. With this new technology, you’ll decrease your energy bill. So, if you are looking for an HVAC contractor in Woodstock to install a new unit, Staton Heating & Air has provided customers with the best Ductless AC installation in Woodstock for over 50 years. For any assistance, call (770) 667-3992.