Warning Signs That Indicate Furnace Failure!

Furnaces play an important role in keeping us warm and comfortable throughout the winter season. However, they might show some signs and tell beforehand that they will go down soon. The furnace also drops some signs on the road that it is time to replace and bring a new one. If you haven’t done the annual check-up of your heating system, call the HVAC services for quick heating maintenance in Alpharetta GA!

If you don’t understand the signs and take them casually, it could result in a long list of bills and expenses. Therefore, it is better to see the signs and invest your money in a new furnace rather than washing it away in a long list of bills.

Furnace signs you should never take lightly!

Don’t jump into the icy pool of conclusions of throwing the furnace away if you see the signs in your home! Maybe it needs repairing. A heating inspection from a reputable HVAC company would help you decide whether the system needs a repair or replacement.

Some of the signs that indicate that your furnace is going out are:

1. Pilot Light

If the light is yellow, it is a warning sign that something is wrong with the furnace. The yellow light is an indication of incomplete burning of the fuel. It results in the formation of toxic carbon monoxide. Things could take a disastrous turn if there is a leakage of this poisonous gas. It is a sign it needs repairing.

If you see excessive condensation, rotten egg smell, or rust, turn off the furnace with yellow pilot light immediately and call professionals for HVAC services!

2. Weird Noises

HVAC appliances make noises. It is normal. If you hear shaking, rattling, or rolling noises, it is a sign that the furnace requires regular maintenance. However, if you hear squealing, popping, or scraping noise, it is time to pay attention to the furnace system as it might be deteriorating.

3. Frequent Calls to HVAC Company

If you have called the HVAC company services multiple times in a year or two related to heating system troubles, it means it needs more than repair. Annual heating inspection is a good thing. However, frequent trouble calls are not. It means there is a mighty issue living that needs immediate attention!

4. Electricity Bills
If the utility bills have increased substantially, you could pin the blame on your home’s furnace. The reason could be an unclean or clogged air filter. Without wasting another moment, call heating maintenance technicians for the air-filter replacement and tuning-up of the HVAC appliance.

5. Prolonged use of Furnace

A heating HVAC appliance has a lifespan of about 20 years. There is no chance that it could work forever. There is a fixed life given to a furnace. The older the heating appliance, the more problems, and spiked electricity bills. So, it is better to switch on the latest, energy-efficient furnaces available in the market.

If you find any of these signs, call Staton Heating and Air Conditioning. Our experienced professionals in heating maintenance services will help you fix your furnace!