The Most Efficient Heating Systems For a House

Your home stays comfortable during winter due to your heating systems. And the heating expenses can easily take up most of your monthly budget during this time. Therefore, energy efficiency is a goal for those who want to keep their overall operations costs down or those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

Types Of Efficient Heating Systems

  •   Heat Pumps
  • As one of the most energy-efficient heating systems, heat pumps collect and move air from one place to another. They use a refrigerant to cool air in cooling mode and capture heat from the outside air in heating mode.

    These are a good choice for environment-conscious people as heat pumps do not use fuel to generate heat and do not produce any harmful gases. These are highly efficient systems that can generate energy nearly four times that of the electricity they consume.

    You will find two types of heat pumps in the market:

    1. Air-source heat pumps: They use the surrounding air to capture and release heat into your home.
    2. Geothermal heat pumps: They use the soil or a nearby water body as a source of heat capture and release.

    • Furnaces

    The second most efficient and most commonly used heating systems are the residential furnaces. They vary widely in efficiency, with older models being less efficient than the newer models. There are three types of furnaces:

    1. Gas: They use natural gas as a fuel source to generate heat. They may not be as efficient as an air-source heat pump or an electric furnace, but they are easier and cheaper to operate.

    2. Oil: These furnaces use fuel oil to generate heat. An oil furnace fuel is delivered in bulk and stored in a tank in your home. Therefore, you need to check and make sure it does not run out when you need it.

    3. Electric: These furnaces use electricity to heat coils that generate heat. They are more eco-friendly as they do not release harmful gases but are more expensive and less efficient than a heat pump.

    • Boilers

    The third type of efficient heating system is boilers. They are less commonly used in homes and are less efficient than heat pumps and furnaces. They heat water which is circulated throughout your home by pipes.

    How To Choose The Right Heating System

    Choosing an efficient heating system for your home can be overwhelming as you have several options that can bring down your energy costs and keep your house warm. However, no matter which type of heating system you choose, remember that it must be the correct size for your home and has the required heating capacity.

    Heating systems like furnaces and boilers are rated based on AFUE value, while heat pumps are rated using HSPF. A higher AFUE or HSPF value equals a more energy-efficient system. Apart from these values, choosing the right system also depends on your heating needs, which may vary depending on your location, climate, or your house structure.

    You should contact an expert in HVAC services in Alpharetta, GA, to calculate the heat load and determine which heating system is the perfect fit for your home.

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