The Correct Time To Call A Technician For Furnace Tune-Up

Just like the other machines and gadgets, furnaces need regular tuning up to maintain their efficiency and working ability. A tune-up at the correct time ensures that the furnace is working properly and does not have any technical issues or problems.

You can contact any HVAC company for a heating tune-up in Alpharetta. But before you finalize your contract with them, you should know when to call a technician for the tuning work and what they do in it.

What is The Correct Time To Contact A Technician?

Ideally, you should schedule the tuning up of your furnace once a year, at the beginning of the winter season. The technician will take care of the cleaning, replacing, and repairing problems of the furnace. It ensures that it works efficiently during the winter season, and you do not have to call a technician when it breaks down.

The frequency of the furnace tune-up also depends on the age of the furnace system. If your furnace is new and is currently at the age of 5 to 8 years, a yearly tune-up is enough. But if your furnace has crossed or is about to cross ten years, you may consider calling an HVAC contractor in Alpharetta after every six or four months.

Steps Involved in The Tune-Up Of Your Furnace

The average cost of a tune-up of a furnace is around $100 to $150 in Alpharetta. This cost depends on many factors like the model of the furnace system, its age, how long it functions, and its current condition. When you contact a technician for a heating tune-up in Alpharetta, they provide the following services –

  • The technician cleans the outside of the furnace system to remove any dirt, dead leaves, and twigs as the first step of the tune-up. After this cleaning, the technician will proceed to the further steps.
  • The technician will examine the vents and ducts of the system for any debris in them. Blockages in the vents lead to inefficient heating of the house. Thorough cleaning of the vents and ducts ensures proper warming of the house.
  • The level of the combustion gases is an important part of the workings of the furnace. The technician checks these levels and refills them if needed.
  • The access door of the blower should be properly sealed and shut to ensure proper combustion of the gases and no leakages of the combustion gases.
  • The louvres and the intake grills of fresh air should be clean and without any blockages to have a smooth and efficient furnace system.
  • Any damage to the heat exchanger can lead to the total breakdown of the furnace system. There should not be any rust or corrosion on it. If there is some problem with it, your technician will replace it with a new one.
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