Service Agreements

Service Agreements

Maintenance service agreements are definitely the way to go. Life is full of unexpected surprises, and events the pop up, each more important than the maintenance you know your heating or cooling system really requires. With a maintenance plan in place, you are assured that even when your mind goes blank, we have your back. The responsibility is on us to ensure that maintenance services are carried out on time, and with efficiency and precision. We keep extensive records of each service carried out for future reference. We are answerable for your heating or cooling maintenance.

Benefits – Plentiful

The benefits of signing maintenance service agreements with us are plentiful, and go beyond simply finding the time to undertake the service. By agreeing to our services you will always be guaranteed that your equipment is in perfect running order, and operating at maximum efficiency. Keeping wear and tear in check will reduce the event of breakdowns that require emergency repairs. We offer our service agreement clients reduced rates and discounts on parts and labor. Each maintenance service is documented, listing the finding and remedial action taken, as well as offering suggestions of repairs that need to be carried out in the near future.

Technicians – NATE Certified

Our technical team is made up of technicians who are NATE certified, ensuring you that the work being done your equipment is being carried out to the highest standards. Our technicians are friendly, open, and honest, and willing to answer any questions you may have regarding your equipment.

Reasons In Favor

The reasons in favor of signing service agreements are adding up, and there is really no negative aspect to it. The costs each month are affordable and well worth the peace of mind that when you require your heating or cooling system, you are assured that it will be in working order. We take on the responsibility of managing your maintenance services, and are willing to work around your schedule and find a time that is sufficient. Keeping a well-maintained system is the only way to ensure energy-efficiency, and cost-effective operation. Reductions in your utility bills are inevitable. Our service agreements are detailed, and cover every aspect of your heating and cooling maintenance service. Call Staton now to make inquiries. Take the load off your shoulders, we’ll gladly take it on.

Staton HTG & Air Conditioning are the maintenance team you want on your side when your heating or cooling system needs attention. Friendly, competent staff with the skill and experience needed to successfully ensure the efficiency of your equipment at any time of the year. Call us today and make the necessary arrangements for carefree heating and cooling solutions. 770-667-3992.

Staton HTG & Air Conditioning, service agreements that cover it all. Lose the burden, inherit peace of mind, and an efficient system. 770-667-3992.