Provisions To Keep In Mind When Selecting Perfect Locations For Your AC Unit

Have you ever wondered why your AC is not cooling adequately despite regular checks by your local technician? The frequent need for repairs is an expensive affair and will also lower the efficiency of the appliance, causing it to break down sooner than you anticipated.

Interestingly, the problem may not be with your air-conditioner per se, but with where you have placed it. The location of your AC plays a significant role in determining its cooling effect. For a perfectly-placed air conditioning installation in Dawsonville, you must keep the following provisions in mind.

Perfect AC locations

  • Keep away from the sources of heat and sunlight
    Each air conditioner is designed for a specific range of heat. Pushing it to function beyond the range would make it less efficient. To avoid this, you need to keep it away from heat appliances and the sunlight because the heat generated can strain them and affect their performance.

  • Have a look over for the trees
    The twigs and dry leaves falling from the trees will clog its coil, restricting the airflow and eventually causing reduced efficiency. When you install your air conditioning unit, remember to either keep it away from trees or surround it with a mesh to protect it

  • Centralized and high location for the duct and ductless AC
    Place your AC at a height, so it gets enough space to let cool air flow down. Otherwise, you will keep paying bills for the utility service providers without knowing the root cause of the problem. Placing it in a central location will help you ensure the equal distribution of airflow in the room.

  • Dog bites are a big no
    The dogs have a habit of chewing the insulation tube. It could be dangerous for the dog and your AC, of course. To prevent both things from being damaged, you can surround your ducts with a mesh.

  • Away from any objects
    The objects in the house can become a blockade for the airflow, and it can damage your AC because of the limited space for the flow.

These are some common factors to consider when installing mini-split AC or the ducted ACs. With timely maintenance and regular tune-ups, your AC will exhibit optimal efficiency.

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