Mechanical Services in Milton, Alpharetta, Cumming, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Heating, cooling, and HVAC equipment are all mechanical in nature. These machines are prone to wear and tear through the moving parts within them. These pieces of equipment require special attention, and regular maintenance in order to keep them in top form, and working at maximum energy-efficiency. Cost saving is always important for any person, and by carrying out the regular preventive maintenance, the operational costs will be kept to a minimum, and the occurrence of costly repairs put on hold for a short while longer.

Maintenance – Mechanical Musts

Our maintenance services are geared towards the mechanical nature of heating, cooling, and HVAC equipment. Our technicians are thorough in their evaluations and assessments, and the checks are carried out with care, consideration, and precision. Nothing is missed. A maintenance service covers every aspect of your equipment. Electrical connections, drainage piping blockages, recharging of the gas, filter changes, to name but a few. A visual inspection is carried out on all the equipment, and the associated ducting. Cracks, flaws, or potential breakdown risks are remedied on-site to prevent a breakdown in the near future. The final stage of our maintenance service is the cleaning of the equipment. The vents, unit, and ducting are cleaned until they are dust, and particle free. A clean system is a happy one, one that provides efficiency that is outstanding, and cost-effective operation that keeps a smile on your face.

Repairs – An Inevitable Event

As your equipment goes on in age, eventual breakdown will inevitably occur. Even with regular maintenance, mechanical equipment will experience breakdowns that need repairs at some stage. Yes, maintenance prolongs the inevitable, however, it can never prevent it completely. Wear and tear of moving, mechanical component place stress of aging parts and breakdown occurs. We are quick to respond to your calls or assistance providing yours with a precise indication of the fault, and a price that is affordable, to say the least. Our repair work is guaranteed to prolong the life of your equipment. If we can’t guarantee it, we won’t do it.

Staton HTG & Air Conditioning provide mechanical services that are geared towards your heating and cooling equipment. Mechanical equipment is temperamental and parts can wear and seize at the drop of a hat. We are on call 24/7 for your convenience and peace of mind. Call us today if your mechanical equipment needs some much need TLC.

Mechanical services carried out by Staton HTG & Cooling are guaranteed to add value and years to your equipment. Professional, but personal. (770) 667-3992.