How Much Does A New Furnace And Installation Cost?

We know it’s the furnace season when the subtle hints of the encircling winds begin to shiver down our spines. And the meticulously ribbed crochets and steaming pumpkin lattes can alone not arm you against the agonizing cold.

Hence, we all turn to our beloved winter armor, the blazing hot furnace that radiates the much-wanted winter warmth we earnestly yearn.

The Categorical Difference between Furnaces

We know furnaces are the ideal HVAC appliance for the snow season. And hence, installing a new one when the old one runs out becomes mandatory.

So, we see no confusion over the installation decision; however, there is a major confusion regarding the budget portions. The heating installation costs of furnaces may vary based on their type, locality, and homes’ size.

To sum it up under a specific range, we can conclude that the average furnace installation can cost you between $2,000 to $8,000. Speaking of categories, let us observe how different categories lead to different prices.

Natural Gas Furnace Installation Costs

Gas-based furnaces are the most prevalent category of furnaces to date. Until today, a majority of American homes heavily depend on the methanol gas furnace as their primary heating device during chilly nights.

The advantages of possessing a natural gas furnace are:

  • Less harmful to the environment than propane and oil-based furnaces.
  • Totals up to the lowest yearly cost for functioning and maintenance.

However, to institute a furnace founded on methanol’s tower, you need to have a gas line. A gas line that is priorly set up and comes in use for everyday chores.

Average unit cost: $1825

Average installation cost: $5500

Propane Furnace Installation Cost

Propane is the right choice where natural gas and other sources of furnace materials are sparsely available.

  • Propane does not come with a fixed price; the price of propane heavily varies with the area.
  • The propane furnace functions on the fact that propane is transformed into gas on being ignited. Once the gas ignites, it radiates over the corners and generates heat.

Average unit cost: $1400

Average installation cost: $3750

Oil Furnace Installation Cost

Installing oil furnaces may appear cost-effective in the short term, but they cost more in the long run. This is because an oil furnace always demands enormous amounts of oil to function. Therefore, the maintenance costs add to the installation cost and raise the budget in an oil-based furnace.

Average unit cost: $1500

Average installation cost: $4000

Electric Furnace Installation Cost

Electric furnaces are known to be the most efficient method of heating. However, they contribute to hefty electricity bills in the end, but that can be avoided by using:

  • Efficient Wirings
  • Solar Panels
  • A Furnace with Strong Motors that Consume less Power

Average unit cost: $850

Average installation cost: $3000

Whatever type you prefer, remember we, as your HVAC contractor, will always stand right behind you during emergencies. Staton Heating & Air works day and night to ensure that no customer freezes in the cold during darkest hours. All you need is to pick up your phone and dial (770) 667-3992, and we will be there, promptly responding to your emergency heating repair and heating tune-up requests.