Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Duluth, GA, and Surrounding Areas

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Duluth, GA, and Surrounding Areas

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are critical elements in our day-to-day lives, but their relevance is often downplayed.

Whether at your residential home, commercial buildings, or even submarines, these devices are the agents of environmental comfort guaranteeing you clean and safe indoor air quality.

A properly working HVAC unit is a handy safeguard against extreme conditions, whether in winter or summer. And besides keeping up with your comfort, these systems work round the clock so that your air is free of dust, pathogens, contaminants, and is oxygen replenished.

Who We Are

Staton, Heating and Air, Inc is a front runner in providing excellent heating and cooling solutions here in GA, Duluth. We have a team of skilled technicians and professionals eager to deliver HVAC solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

We guarantee superior heating and cooling options to homeowners and businesses, as evidenced by the more than six decades of diligent service. We pride in modern tools and technologies to optimize your comfort and have built a reputable name over the years.

Getting One Installed

It is always a great time to repair, replace, or install your HVAC system, but spring carries the day. To start with, you take a second to reminisce about how your unit faired in the last season.

For optimum comfort, it’s key to find a heating and cooling services expert in Duluth, GA, to ensure your system is in its best shape. Find a company that you can rely on one. Poor heating and cooling services, repair maintenances, or installations are akin to discomfort on top of rising energy bills and repair costs.

Not everyone in an apron and wields spanners should be honored to handle your heating and cooling equipment. Here is a brief rundown to guide you find the best heating and cooling services in town,


The heating and cooling services you call in should be a team of highly skilled and qualified technicians. They should be verified and certified by the requisite authorities where applicable.

Our staff is NATE accredited, and in 2016 they were awarded by Lennox Industries for excellence in training.

ReliablePick a company that sticks with you through thick and thin and is available even for an emergency repair or service. A company that is on standby for repairs and inquiries and guarantees its services by warrants return policies and comfort guarantees.

Honorable Reputation

As a general rule, conduct due diligence on different installers before plunging in. Make sure you hire a heating and cooling company that has been running for quite some time, and they have consistent positive feedback online. See our Reviews

Reasonable Costs

Don’t automatically go for the lowest. Simply because a company offers the least price, it doesn’t mean it is going to be the best. You get what you pay for.

Be also on the look for exaggerated or illegal costs. Request an Estimate now. We even walk you the extra mile and have financing options for our clients.

Service and Repair for Heating and Cooling Units

Everyone wishes that their units run forever, but if only wishes were horses… Even the best quality brands of heating and cooling equipment’s stall at one time or another.

In unfortunate instances, your unit will let out a creaking and screeching sound, breathing it’s last never to run again.

However, much can be done to ensure your device does not disrupt your comfort when it is otherwise avoidable, and it lives slightly beyond its intended lifespan.

What Does Service and Repair Entail

Service repairs, especially for prominent companies such as Staton HTG and Air Inc, are detailed and comprehensive.

We strive to ensure that the HVAC system reaches its top-notch performance and doe not compromise your comfort.

Our meticulous service and repair procedure involves the following:

1. Extensive Inspection

Inspection is a primary step of our repair process, and we carry it out with precision. This allows us to evaluate the current performance of your device against its full capacity.

That way, we can tell if your HVAC has any underlying issue. You can always call in for an inspection if you suspect any problems or to determine its performance upfront

2. Repair

After careful inspection, we zero in on issues requiring repairs. They can be either simple repairs or complex repairs that cost significant time and money. However, proper care and maintenance of your HVAC save you costly and emergency repairs.

3. Replacement

Some components of your HVAC system may be damaged beyond repair and require replacement. Worse still, you may need to replace your whole unit, especially when damaged parts are irreplaceable or are costing an arm and a leg.

However, we stand behind our honesty policy and can never recommend a replacement unless it is the only option left.

4. Tune-Ups

This is a one-stop-shop for your HVAC system and involves inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement to take it back to top performance. It is a recommended solution if you have lost count of missed scheduled maintenances for your equipment.

Heating and Cooling Services in Duluth, GA

Staton is the leading provider of heating and cooling services around. We are top in our class here in Duluth and beyond.

Heating Services

Ranging from high-quality heating repairs and maintenance to unequaled heating installations and tune-ups, we are the best. Don’t choose less, Choose Staton HTG and Air Inc,

Here is a list of our heating services

  • Heating Repair Service
  • Heating Installation Service
  • Heating Maintenance Service
  • Heating Replacement Service
  • Heat Pump Installation, Repairs, and Service.

Cooling/Air Conditioning Services

Whether it’s a simple repair, a replacement, or a whole new installation, we are the experts. We are on the alert to ensure you get a reliable machine that will perform up to your expectations and needs. Besides enabling you to choose a top HVAC device, we guarantee a flawless installation, thus ensuring a perfect cooling experience, high efficiency, and lower energy bills.

As a full-service heating and cooling solutions company, we are eager to assist you. Contact Us now.

Here are the cooling services we offer at Staton HTG and Air,

  • Air Conditioning Repairs, Services, and Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Replacements
  • Air Conditioning Installations.
  • Ask the Experts.

Whatever your need, we can cater to all your heating and cooling requirements under one roof.

Other Services

Although Our primary goal is your comfort, we have gone beyond the temperatures to ensure you have clean and safe air. We therefore also offer these services that are an essential pair up to your HVAC system

Air Filters and Purifiers Services

Forced air passes through the filters trapping any particles thereof. If they are not cleaned in time, they get clogged and saturated and can no longer filter effectively. This allows filth to pass into your home undeterred.

Ductwork and Duct Cleaning

Neglected ducts are a leading cause of rising health concerns. If left unchecked for long, the kind and number of pathogens and contaminants that may accumulate in them are horrifying.

UV Germicidal Lights

The UV lights are such a significant add-on to your HVAC unit. They are subtle, but their benefits are enormous. They are placed in your system’s ducts to eliminate growth and kill pathogens present in the air flowing to your home or working space.

Feel free to contact our heating and cooling solutions company for ALL HVAC services you need. (770) 667-3992 – Let Us Serve you and put to rest your HVAC demands. Request an Estimate now.