Cory F.

Cory F.

I find it difficult to judge precisely in this case because this is something you do once every 20 years if lucky. I am afraid 5 stars after only one experience MAY be going overboard? But I WAS 100% satisfied.

Our heater went out at the office and it was up to me to do that calling around and pricing. Everybody had the same price ranges, going by what I told them was wrong (my opinion of the problem came from 3 different people at 3 different Home Depots when I told them what was wrong).

When I came down to 3 places to decide from, 2 of them said they would come in the next day. Staton said they would be here withing the next 90 minutes and that made the decision quickly! I called them in, and someone was here in less than 30 minutes to make sure of the problem. We had a heater that was installed back in the ole’ leg warmer days, 1983 and I feel we were lucky it lasted that long. He then called the office, priced things out and talked to the boss here and we had to plain and simple get a heater. The boss said “give me a minute to think about it”….I do not know what there was to think about except maybe putting in a Little House On The Prairie stove/heater? But he quickly gave the go-ahead.

Withing the next hour, 2 different guys were in there installing the new heater and less than 3 hours later they were gone, with heat coming out of the vents and you couldn’t tell they were ever even there after making the closet even cleaner than it was when they came.

This place was already listed, but no reviews. The phone number on here is not the correct number. It is (770) 667-3995.