Can You Install Your Furnace Yourself?

To save installation money, many owners install their furnaces themselves without the help of any professionals. It may sound cool, but it is not safe.

You should not install your furnace yourself. The wrong installation can lead to higher electricity bills, inefficient heating in the house, and gas leakages. You should always contact a professional installer from a reputed heating replacement company in Alpharetta for the installing work.

If you feel that you can still install your furnace without any problems, here is a list of furnace proper that rise due to imperfect installation –

  • Gas Leakages
    Improper installation or installing the furnace from an inexperienced person can lead to gas leakage in the house. The furnace produces carbon monoxide in a large amount during the combustion process, and a wrongly installed furnace can increase the risk of gas leakages, which can be poisonous. Gas leakage is hard to identify and solve, so it is best to call for professional help.
    If the gas leak problem goes on a big scale, it can harm you and your neighbors.

  • Furnace Size
    Just like clothes, you should buy a furnace according to the size of your house and other needs. If you buy a furnace bigger than needed, it may result in frequent breakdowns, higher electricity bills, high humidity levels, loud noises, and bad air quality. If you buy a furnace smaller than needed, it may result in inefficient cooling and quicker wear and tear of the components of the furnace due to long hours of working. You can contact an HVAC company for furnace installation in Duluth, GA, to help you get the right size.
  • Professional Installation and Warranty Issues
    If you install your furnace without contacting any professionals, not only will you face unwanted problems but also you will not be liable to receive a warranty from the furnace company as you have installed it yourself. The company shall not provide you with any warranty services since the installer does not possess a license for installation.
  • Need of a Permit
    A permit is a guarantee that your furnace will not have any installation problems in the future. The professionals that provide services like furnace installation in Duluth, GA, have a permit that guarantees the quality of their work.
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