Avoid A Chilling Situation: Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

Whether you enjoy or hate winter, there is something special about curling up under a blanket on your couch with a warm drink in your hand and a heater warming up your place. However, this cosy scene can quickly get spoiled if your furnace starts blowing cold air. So to ensure you do not encounter any such issues, it is better to schedule a heating service in Cumming to make your heater winter-ready.

Tips to make your furnace unit winter-ready

Here are some tips you must follow to make your heating system ready for upcoming winters.

  • Set the Thermostat to the Desired Temperature

Change the setting from cooling to heating and increase the temperature a few degrees above the existing room temperature. If the heat doesn’t come on after a minute, remove the cover and double-check the wire connections if you feel comfortable doing so.

Make sure the power supply to the HVAC system remains turned on if the wire connections are perfect. In addition, you could check the heater fan, blower, or heat pump, and if it’s still not functioning, it is probably best to call professional experts for furnace repair in Duluth.

  • Replace the Air Filters if Necessary

You most likely have air filters hidden behind a wall or ceiling vent network or a single sift in the HVAC system itself. These air filters can get dirty with time. So to ensure even airflow, it is better to change the air filters every month.

You can also wash and repurpose a permanent electromagnetic filter if you have one. Regularly cleaning or replacing your filters keeps debris out of your HVAC system and can help it last longer if your heating system includes a humidifier. Change the humidification filter and set the humidistat while you’re at it.

  • Protect the AC Condenser With a Cloth

Cover the compressor to safeguard it from falling snowflakes unless your HVAC is a heat exchanger. You can do this with a large garbage can lid secured with elastic bands.

  • Wash and Lubricate the Blower Motor

To begin, check your instruction booklet to see if your motor requires lubrication. If this happens, you must cut the power, open the cap, and clean the bearing caps. After that, take off the caps and moisten the bearings.

  • Test the Ignitor Switch

Electronic ignitors now get installed in more modern heating systems. Push the restart button if the ignitor is not working. Check your AC circuit breaker if that doesn’t work. If the problem still persists, it is better to call for professional repair service.

  • Examine the Chimney and the Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon buildup and even small bird nests are present in chimneys. They should be inspected by a professional regularly. Carbon monoxide detectors should also get tested or replaced regularly, as they help shield you from harmful gases.

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